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Just wanted to say “Thank you” once again to all of those who made the drive out to the Alki Beach meet that day while we were in Seattle. I know that it ended a bit abruptly but we definitely had an amazing time while we were there. I think next year I’ll try to …

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I love the city of Seattle, I really do. There’s a reason why I take time out of my busy schedule every year to visit the state of Washington. That particular area has a vibe like none other that I’ve experienced and the scenery is just breath-taking. I use my travels as an excuse to …

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June 2016 seemed like a slow month with lack of any major car events going on so we decided to organize a little meet out in the Inland Empire to celebrate the grand opening of Nemos-Garage. Summer had suddenly jumped down our throats and introduced us to some incredibly high temperatures so the week following …

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