Had a little bit of free time today and I finally got a chance to cut the first 2010 Top Ten sticker. It’s a prototype but I’m pretty satisfied with it. Not set on the sizing yet but the above one was 8.5×4.5 inches. Looks decent but I think if it’s slightly larger I can get more detail in there. We’ll see I guess. I’ll play around with it some more.

If you guys aren’t on Facebook, I posted up yesterday asking people for their opinions on who they felt deserved to be on the 2010 list. I’d love to hear your input as far as which Hondas you feel have really had a good year. I already have my own ideas of course but it’d be cool to hear from you guys. Just respond below if you want to voice your choices…

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  1. How ’bout that K-swapped Del Sol that Hybrid Racing built. Gotta support the boys from my hometown; how many feature cars do you see out of Baton Rouge? And it’s a really, really beautifully built car.

  2. Phil’s eg and airbag club. big mikes car is nice, but not much better than last year… I also like gil’s car but have yet to see it perform to what it was built for.

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