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Osaka Auto Messe has always been an interesting event to me. When I first started diving into Japanese tuning car culture, two events have always stood out to me; Tokyo Auto Salon, which I’ve now been to plenty of times, and the Osaka Auto Messe, a show which I had never attended. TAS has always …

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I know I’m probably gonna get some heat for this but admittedly, I took a lot of photos of the same cars over and over again during Wekfest Hawaii 2017. These are the cars that caught my eye, I’m sorry, haha. I fly down to Hawaii once a year to check out these cars and …

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Hawaii is a pretty great place. I mean, I like hanging out and spending time there but it wouldn’t be a place I’d settle down in. I think I’m just more of the city-type where I like to be around Los Angeles where things are constantly evolving and changing. Hawaii is a great place in …

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