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There Is No Rival, Because There Is No Equal.


I feel like every time we look at photos from a Kday! event, it almost seems as if we are all taken on a time warp into a place where 80s and 90s custom car builds reigned supreme. The event feels like something straight out of a time capsule and it almost seems odd to see newer …

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Somewhere, in an alternate universe than that of the car community we have grown-up knowing, there exists a place in Sendai, Japan, where USDM car culture is revered. In this story arc, enthusiasts attempt to build and style their cars to resemble vehicles from North America. Some are highly modified, utilizing products from both North …

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Alas, all good things must come to an end. Today, we look at the final, concluding, portion of my 2016 Wekfest South coverage. Houston is always great and I’m happy to head down there every year to check out the car community out there. I think I’ve given you guys more than enough to read …

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