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Well, this is it. The final, concluding, portion of the 2016 Wekfest East coverage. I know the posts have been spaced out over two weeks but I’ve just been busy concentrating on producing the content and finding time later to upload all of it. So many events happened in August that it was getting a …

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This was a very unique and highly unusual event…. I originally wasn’t planning on going anywhere that weekend but since we had already attended the 2016 Nisei Showoff event the day before, we decided to stack more car-related things on our plate by going to the “Speed Ring” event, hosted by HKS USA and Motovicity …

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Okay, so by this point in the show, I was pretty busy running around back and forth trying to find every Honda and Acura in the building so I could go through the judging process. I really wanted to shoot some more but since most of the car owners were already knee-deep in getting their …

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