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There Is No Rival, Because There Is No Equal.


I’ve been chasing this car for a good two years now, maybe even more. It was one of those extensive builds that you weren’t even sure would ever be done. In terms of the overall DC5 “scene”, if you will, this is perhaps one of the best ever built. Hell, I think it could possibly …

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Part 3 covers everything that we did at FF Battle 7 this year. Yuta Akaishi was busy pulling double-duty that day driving his own EG as well as the NEMOS-GARAGE K-supercharged EG. We also had other friends competing as well so you get the inside scoop on what happens at FF Battle. This is actually …

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Part 2 is a direct follow-up from our Saturday at Formula D “Final Fight” 2015. After FD ended, we got right back to work and Yuta managed to squeeze in a couple hours to install his transmission into his Civic. FF Battle 7 was in two days time so there was a sense of urgency …

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