It Happened.


I think so many of us braced for this moment, knowing that it would eventually happen after the other big import books shut down a few years back, but today it really happened. Super Street, along with so other many good magazine titles in the automotive industry, is ceasing publication and will no longer be available in physical form in 2020. I grew up reading the magazine, along with Turbo, Import Tuner, Honda Tuning and others. It shaped my love of cars before I could even afford to have one. These were such monumental pieces that helped to encompass everything I loved about this hobby of ours. As I got older I even had the opportunity to work for these books, meeting so many people along the way and being able to see new things as I traveled to shoot cars for the magazines. When I started doing work for Super Street, it felt like such an incredible accomplishment. I felt like I had “made it”, you know? This was the book to have your work printed in, you know? Those were the best years of being a freelance guy. The Chronicles would not be what it is today had it not been for Super Street. I felt gutted when Jonathan Wong was let go, this was his baby. And when Sam Du took over, he really did such a great job of making it his own, giving it all his time and truly executing his vision with the limited resources available to him as the print industry continued to get smaller and smaller. We had just talked recently about what his plan was if it were to go, because in the back of our minds, it was always a matter of “when”. I will always have the fondest memories of my year’s contributing to Super Street magazine. Even though I had stopped freelancing a few years ago, I had always planned to go back, even working on plans to shoot and write eventually in the new year. That won’t happen now, unfortunately. But I look back on good times and couldn’t be prouder of the people involved throughout its incredible run as the “The Best Tuner Mag Since 1996”. Whatever happens next in the digital world will never be the same. I know we have to change with the times, but boy will I miss holding a physical copy of a printed car magazine in my hands and being excited every month going to the store to see the latest cover. Thank you to those who made Super Street great, and more importantly—Memorable. -J

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  1. Well, after their last Nissan issue, I’m not surprised. 🙄. Not one single Z32.

  2. it would be awesome if you get them to make like a best of the year photobook / magazine style to be released every 6 months .. all in the name for print material for enthusiasts ..

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