You should see this…

Okay, let me start off by saying that I actually went to one of these M&M Donut Meets before. It wasn’t this last one that happened on Sunday but if it was the one a couple weeks back. We all decided to roll out after hearing about it so much from other people and Rodrez and Tes wanted to try out these blueberry donuts at M&M that everyone was raving about. It was one of the rare times where we all took our cars too, even me, which is pretty rare and when we arrived, the meet was fuckin crazy. I had never seen so many people at a meet in years. I mean, it was held at a large shopping center with a Food4Less and the parking lot was pretty much filled. There were food trucks there as well and cars of all types. There was an interesting mixed crowd of enthusiasts and even though there were some idiots speeding off and doing fly-bys as they left, there were no incidents. Nobody did anything outwardly stupid to cause any unwanted attention and overall, it was a chill time. The meet went on for quite a while too and I didn’t see cops or anything, which was weird, because this was on a main street in Anaheim. It’s one of those things where I wouldn’t go again just based on the fact that my Sunday evenings are pretty busy and I have to drive all over the place. Checking it out once was good enough. I can see why younger guys with more time would go out bi-weekly because it’s a good meet. This past Sunday however, I noticed some people talking about kids acting dumb at the meets and ruining it for people. I guess it was bound to happen but there were a lot of negative responses as to how people were acting. I began looking around and apparently, there’s video evidence as to why people were talking and I’ve posted them here for you to see…

I guess the back story was that the kid peeled out right in front of a police officer in an attempt to catch another kid who had apparently stolen his wheels. When the cop pulled him over, the kid was acting like a dick, cussed out the cop, and proceeded to throw his driver’s license at the cop after getting out of the car. Where the video picks up is when the kid gets back into his car, and then again, decides to peel out in front of the cop and speeds through the parking lot, almost hitting an SUV, and then pulling up in front of the suspected thief to confront him. Did I forget to mention that the kid JUMPS IN TO THE CAR AND SPEEDS OFF IN FRONT OF THE COP?! The fuck is wrong with people these days? Suspected thief or not there are better ways to go about it. What you’re seeing below is the first video, where the video starts off with the kid speeding off…

Oh I suggest you turn up the volume so you can hear what is being said…

Okay, so in the first video, you only see the cop going ballistic and you’re probably telling yourself that it was not warranted…but it is…here’s the second video. I’ve re-uploaded it to YouTube so I could embed it on here but credit goes to Paul Martinez and FYC. This one is in stunning 720P for your viewing pleasure, haha…

Here you can clearly see what the guy did after he was pulled over. When he is pulled over a second time, he is still acting in a defiant manner and the cop rips him a good one. What the cop was saying is that the kid was acting like a punk and telling the police officer that he should “do his job”. Pretty crazy stuff. Normally people complain about police harassing people who aren’t doing anything wrong at meets, but in this case, clearly the man was just trying to do his job and people were blatantly being disrespectful and putting other people in danger. I don’t blame the police officer for doing what he did. Maybe I would have gone about it differently but we can’t say because we weren’t there the entire time to hear what the guy was saying to him beforehand. And judging by the guys behavior after already being pulled over, it can be said that the kid was wrong on all accounts. I’ll let you judge for yourself though…

Another person had spoken to the cop previously before this occurred and apparently the cop is an old hot rod guy so he is a car head himself. He even said that the meet was great and it just needed to be a little more organized or else it would be shut down if any bigger problems occur. He said a lot of great meets from back then went to shit because of people acting dumb and well, here’s a prime example of how NOT to act at your local car meet.



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15 thoughts on “You should see this…

  1. people like that kid should have their ankles broken so they cant go to meets. im not in cali, nor have i gone to that meet…but people like him are all the same and ruin a good thing for the rest of us.

  2. Honestly, a lot of us commit a crime of some sort when it comes to our cars. Revving an engine, burning out, etc. When your friends say its dumb, or you figure out that the scene is just about being cool with everyone, you stop.

    This guy looks like he just has some aggression issues.

  3. BAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!! Its true though….fucking d-bags like this one clearly ruin good things for Us who can and do respect the law and the atmosphere surrounding it……

  4. if he just drove off regularly he could have confronted those guys about steeling his rims, and maybe got them back

  5. Screw the cop. Its on private property and he got no jurisdiction. The dude is a HS kid and that’s how they all re-act and drive. It’s a public meet so it’s bound to have a few idiots or two. If you wanted more control, make it a private event. I’d be pissed to if I seen the person who stole my rims.

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