Loi Song and Sportcar Motion’s K24 EG

Loi is at it again….If you know Loi and Sportcar, you know that their Honda’s never cease to amaze. This EG sports a K24 block/K20 head combo that features 14.5:1 compression JE Pistons, Crower Max-Lite rods, and Skunk2 valvetrain.

I’ve known Loi for a while now and I’ve had plenty of opportunities to visit his shop. He’s probably one of the nicest people you will ever meet and if you ha

ng out at the shop long enough, he might even buy you food…haha.

Lookin real good on the Enkei’s….Something about a white Honda that’s so timeless. Such a subtle exterior with carbon fiber accents and a beast of an engine lurking within.

Dyno’d with barely 2 miles on the motor……It’ll be no time before this thing hits well over the 300HP mark…

If you need any work done or wanna inquire about a K-swap…make sure to hit up Sportcar Motion in San Marcos…..http://www.sportcarmotion.com

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  1. keep it up Joe, I like the blog! I wish I can write like you! hehe

  2. This is the shit. Sportcar has always pulled through right to the top nothing can stop you Loi. Keep it coming baby.

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