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An absolute huge congratulations go out to “Heymikeyyy” Michael Cristi and Ojay Bayang for the recent features in the final 2008 issue of Honda Tuning Magazine. I got a call from Mikey yesterday informing me that he had seen the issues out over at Pit Crew….

I’m sure you guys have seen or heard of Mikey’s DC. We’re all very excited because Mikey’s been working on this thing for the past 7 years and to finally see it in print is an awesome thing. I remember all the conversations we had when I first met him about his DC and what direction he was going in. Back then it was still sporting an “invader” hood and the bay remained relatively stock….boy how things have changed over the years. I’m so proud of this guy…and I’m happy to hear that he’s ecstatic about how the feature came out. I had the pleasure of writing up this feature and I think the feature shines because I’ve known Mikey for a couple years now. I felt like I was right there with him as he built this DC to be what it is now….

…I am also especially proud to see Ojay Bayang’s Element finally make it to print. I remember seeing this thing for the first time at a Nisei Showoff when it was still rolling around on Advan’s. I have never seen an unappreciated platform draw so much attention. I think the fact that an Element could make it into a Honda magazine populated by Civics and Integras speaks volumes. I had the opportunity to help out at this shoot and did my best to devour the bagel sandwich that was given to me. This feature means alot because I’m always around this car and know every little detail that was put into the completion of this build…

Here’s a shot that we took when Honda Tuning Photog-extraordinare Rodrez was shooting the Element for the feature.

On a personal note, these two features represent a great accomplishment for my friends and I as this would make the 3rd car from the Doods!/Phaze2 camp to receive a cover and/or feature within a two month span. This brings our total to 5 feature cars overall. Can’t say enough for our guys and we are very thankful.

Of course I have to give love to Chase McMaster for his cover. I followed his build thoroughly until the day he completed it and loved every moment of it. This kid came outta nowhere and took the scene by storm with his amazing ability to assemble wiring harnesses for some of the nation’s best Honda’s.

Sometimes you see guys that are great at doing work for others but when it comes to their own personal projects, they never really meet expectations. That is not the case for Chase’s CRX. It belongs on the cover, plain and simple. You would be doing yourself an injustice if you didn’t go out and cop an issue of Honda Tuning Magazine. This is a great issue to end the year. 2008 saw the comeback of Honda’s into the mainstream and this issue is the perfect way to top it all off….I have never been prouder than I am now of our great community.

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  1. My CR-X’s photo is in the Oh Snaps! section of this issue.

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