Sema 2008 Announcements: Honda Civic HFP Concept…

Announced at SEMA is this HFP Civic Concept that has it’s eye on being environmentally friendly. How friendly? Well like a drunken house party reach-around friendly, or something to that degree. I don’t even know what that means, let’s see what Honda has to say….


“Honda also revealed a Civic Honda Factory Performance (HFP) Concept sedan that represents a new approach on performance improvement. With more consumer concern about fuel prices, future customers may want to maximize the performance of their vehicles without compromising fuel economy. Honda Access America, Honda’s accessory development company, took on that challenge. Through aerodynamic improvements to the next generation HFP body kit, super-light alloy wheels with aerodynamic covers, a lighter HFP exhaust system and an upgraded HFP suspension kit, this concept offers the possibility of improving both fuel economy and performance. In fact, a very similar package has proven its worth on the race tracks of Japan on the Civic Type R race car, which campaigned in a spec series called the Super Taikyu Series.”’

I wanted to do something like this to an FD2, just get a hybrid and then do the full Type R conversion and leave the guts of it the way it is. Apparently Honda caught wind of this idea and then decided to make my dream a strangely disturbing reality….

I mean, it doesn’t look bad overall. The aerodynamic wheel covers would probably last two days in California before it gets stolen and ends up on some high school kids car. You can call it “Honda Factory Performance” but I think that if these ever make it into production, they would probably end up in the hands of some 40+ year old woman. Or a filipino dad…yeah I said it.

Cluster is a nice touch….

Here’s a close-up of the wheels so Rota can get an early start on them…


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