What’s going on this week you ask?

What’s going on you ask? Uhh..Only the 3rd Annual Norm Reeves Car Show! And it’s free! How do I know that? Cuz I looked at the flyer and read the big letters…I went last year and it was a pretty cool show. It doesn’t go on for like 12 hours and it’s a relatively smaller show. Plus the weather won’t be disgusting like it has been the past month. I’ll definitely be there as well as the rest of the PhazexDoods! fam bam…In all our Honda Tuning-featured glory…haha. Defintely mark your calenders for Sunday and try to wake up and peep this event. If you don’t like me you can come by and talk to me and I’ll reply in a condesending manner…but that hardly ever happens. Oh there’s gonna be free food too, can’t argue with that! Oh and it’s this coming Sunday the 16th if I didn’t mention….Damn I can’t wait until Street Fighter 4 comes out, wait what…okay that’s it.

Norm Reeves Honda Performance

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