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I don’t know who it was that was asking me if I knew anything about Purple Speed a while back, but I remember that I didn’t really know anything about it. Cuz I’m pretty good at remembering things that I know nothing about. Anyway, I somehow stumbled upon Purple Speed stuff today when I was randomly looking around at stuff online. I’m not sure how it happened exactly because neither the words “purple” nor “speed” was typed-in…they are also known as “Doobie Inc.” and I might have accidently replaced the “k” with a “b” while I was trying to plan my friends sca*ahem*..bachelor party…but who knows…moving on….

This is probably a pic you’ve seen before. If you look up one of those “rare parts” threads on any forum or “where can I get this lip” thread, you’ve probably seen this picture. I know because I myself have seen this pic on numerous occassions. This is Purple Speeds full aero kit for the EG6. The front lip is carbon fiber and the rest is FRP….not a bad looking kit but the rear protudes way too far out. Looks a little strange and Bomex like….

A little weird right? I can almost imagine the rear being white and some kid with an LS/VTEC swap burning oil and the area around the muffler outlet is just all a burnt brownish color…haha. I wasn’t really sure how old the pics were because the website looks somewhat dated and the styling cues resemble that of something that was cool around the earlier 2000’s. The next link I clicked on took me to the Fit page, which tells me that some of this stuff is still pretty recent…

The Fit aerokit doesn’t look bad at all. Very simple but flows well with the stock bodylines. Definitely alot less bulky as some of the other stuff they have (which I will show you as you continue on…).

The rear looks alot like a Buddy Club rear bumper. Not really a bad thing, unless you think about all the Cavaliers and Escorts out there that stole the look..

I did some more looking around and realized that they actually make a plethora of stuff for Hondas. Above is their carbon lip for the EK. This is probably my favorite aero part from Purple Speed. It’s very simple and not too goofy looking. Fitment also looks to be very good…

Might look alot better with some canards. I would say it would look better painted to match the bumper but then it might make the front end really bulky…

I actually cropped this picture from their site cuz the rest of the car is kind of an eyesore with like 18-inch chrome wheels and lifted 4×4 status. I just thought I’d show you the lip cuz it doesn’t look half bad…Oh it was a pic of a coupe also…

I really don’t know what to think of this kit. The lip looks kinda like my old Sigma lip that I had on my old car but more squarish and bland looking….

Here’s the rest of the kit, ehh, I don’t know…

This is the front underchin spoiler for the non 99-2000 front…Something about this particular picture looks like it’s something straight from an Erebuni catalog, wheels and all…=P

I know alot of you guys love CR-X’s so below is a pic of the Purple Speed lip for it…The picture looks very throwback. I actually think that they took pics with like a regular camera and just scanned them…oh well…who am I to say, I don’t even have a camera….

That’s it, feel free to check out their site here.

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  1. nice i like that lip on that yellow ek

  2. purple head speed?
    I’m diggin the Ferio and that carbon EK lip is almost splitter spec, kinda neato…
    k bai.

  3. I have the ek facelift Purple Speed lip, never seen it before, mine was shipped from Japan.

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