What are you talking aboot, eh?…eh? Part 2!

The independent nation of Canadia has responded! Good lord man, the stereotypes are wrong! Canadians are fucking aggressive! Overly wound up aggressive at that. I haven’t had the chance to look through Reynard’s (I was wrong I guess, his name isn’t “Rex”) build thread because I’m at a different location and currently a bee’s asshole can transfer more data than my ISP….Man, WinnipegHeights is like the Canadian Honda-Tech, but before the vBB transition when everyone was REALLY aggressive. I was actually making the previous post because I was actually interested in seeing what these guys had to offer. It wasn’t exactly an argument about who’s was better necessarily. I thought it was a kind gesture to spotlight one of their cars since I’ve been getting a bit of traffic from there. Of course, one of them deemed this site “insignificant” and even went out and called me a douchebag! Haha…have a sense of humor! Let’s get some facts straight, my site insignificant? Possibly. I’m only getting traffic from WinnipegHeights? Wrong. I merely checked out your site because the numbers coming from your side where worthy enough for me to check. And I apologize if you don’t understand my candor, but throughout this site you will see that it is my general attitude. I actually took a quick glance at Rey’s CR-X and it’s actually a pretty nice car….it was probably just better left at that. I don’t know what the fuck all the arguing is about but keep that shit amongst yourselves…Shit I don’t hear from Winnipeg for 26 years and when they finally speak I’m the douchebag….yikes…goood day to ya Canucks! At least Nigeria was happy to hear about their helicopter being mentioned!

Canadians fighting amongst eachother here.(Warning: Lack of a sense of humor ahead)

There I returned some traffic back to your site, I’m outta here…

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  1. Wow! So much drama in one day and I’m still @ work lol. I have no objections to the “Top 10 of 2008″… in fact, I think they are all very well deserved.

    Keep up the good work stickydiljoe!

  2. lol @ america’s hat.

  3. It’s clear that some of the guys on that site are actually pretty cool guys, and the rest of them are just kinda uptight and retarded. Cuz when you’re from a small town or something you always need to find something to be upset about. Some of the guys have it right over there. It was merely a joke and not any knock on Danville or Reynard’s car. Both have even taken the time to post comments on this side. The fanboys always get you though. They can’t take a joke and go on a rampage to defend people that are perfectly capable of handling a joke. Some of them think that me calling them “honda-tech before vBB” was a good thing. It’s not. The site was filled with fuck-ups and I see some of them drifted over to that site. They keep insisting that I’m “butt-hurt” when I really am not. If was merely an opportunity I presented to them to spotlight one of their guys who they felt had a car that was deserving a mention. I could care less if it’s better than Chase’s or not. Chase doesn’t care and Reynard doesn’t care. But the fanboys do…so preach on…My insignificant site will live to see another day and by years end, another Top 10 list. Happy to be acquainted with you Canada. The pleasure is all mine.

  4. Keep up the good work, I love reading this blog. You update very often and showcase nice cars.

    BTW, I’m from Canada, and when I read that there was a lot of traffic from here I lol’ed.

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