Honda Tuning Magazine…First issue of 2009 on it’s way!…

BACK ONCE AGAIN!! First issue of 2009 is on it’s way!!!

That’s right, after a long couple of winter months, we’re back on schedule for the new year. Our first issue of 2009 is already on it’s way. What to expect in 2009? More features that focus on well rounded Honda’s with attention to detail, more event coverage including meets, as well as more tech, industry insider info, and new products. It just gets better and better, don’t miss out, look for us on the newstand, or if you can’t find HondaTuning in your area, subscribe and have it delievered to your door.

This issue features enthusiasts that are building 2 jaw dropping projects each!

-Evil ESD of lands the front cover with his Mugen built DC2 and one of the sexiest NSX’s on earth.
-Sean aka “old skool” has an ITR fetish, so he decided to build 2!
-Leon Casino is a legend and his USDM and JDM CRX duo is one of the reasons why. One features authentic Mugen hardware inside and out, while the other has Spoon parts all over the place, but both have Classic Leon style with attention to detail.
-You like NSX’s? Of course you do, who doesn’t! We’ve got a pair that will blow you away
-Going back to our roots, a group of super old school Honda owners from the North show us how how the very early model Civic’s should look.
-Reaching back with the Autometer monster tach, wheel offset info, JCCS coverage, and much more, don’t miss out! Hitting newstands before the end of the month! -Honda Tuning Magazine Myspace page

Make sure to cop the issue cuz it’s a good one. And I’m not just saying that because I wrote the cover feature…haha. Honda Tuning is one of those magazines that are good for a real read and not just for a quick glance at the pics. I mean, it never fails with the pics but I lose sleep writing these things so the least you can do is take 10 min out of your time to read it! It’s filled with well thought-out stories and tech info, unlike this site, which is usually induced in a cloud of perversion….

Go check it out!

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