Random shot…Drifting Accord?!…

Cool photoshopped image of an Accord drifting with the Blitz Skyline livery. This photo inspired me to do my own photoshop image of a honda drifting….I mean, I’m not Picasso….but it came out pretty ridiculously awesome….

Come on, look at that motherfucker….Not only is it like a chop-top hatchback…Signal Auto style…but it’s also rocking a Buddy Club front bumper…Shit is so sick that the driver is rodeo drifting it. Look at him, it’s like he’s gonna fuckin Shoryuken some shit. I didn’t feel that the chopped image above did a good enough job with the tire smoke so I literally drew in the word “smoke” for extra emphasis. And the driver also has tassles on his arm ala Ultimate Warrior. If the image didn’t take so much memory because of the sheer quality of it, I would have colored it in too….Don’t worry, there’s a K-series in there. With like some ITB’s. You can’t see with all the smoke but there’s a Benen tow hook in the back too. And you bet your ass that there’s some doll or some shit hanging off the rear tow hook.

Yeah it’s been a slow week.

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  1. Hey dick whats up with the penis in the back? HA!HA!HA! Up.

    I like the smoke. Looks very realistic.

  2. That is vagtastically awesome. It’s a slow week, but I’m laughing to tears. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! The smoke looks so real it reminds me of the cotton people used in the shows back in the day.

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