I’m sure you’ve seen alot of posts about the NSX-day at the Cars and Coffee meet in Irvine this past weekend. If  you haven’t then just scroll down a bit. If you’ve had a chance to catch some of the posts, then you’ve also probably heard of the drama that happened. Basically, it was NSX-day at Cars and Coffee and a fairly large group of S2Ki members decided to show up. The S2k-owners got there super early and ended up taking up a majority of the lot where the exotics and supercars normally park. I guess it was a little overwhelming for the usual older Cars and Coffee crowd and they didn’t like the idea of all the S2000s taking up space inside their lot. Many of the S2000 guys didn’t like the way they were treated and one owner even claimed to have had his car damaged as a result. And the back and forth ensues from each forum and words are exchanged, blah blah, etc.

People love drama. Doesn’t even matter what happens. Like if someone was walking down the street and a rat or some shit got into a fight with another rat or maybe possibly a possum (use your imagination), it doesn’t matter what that person is doing, they will stop to watch the fight. Why? Because people love conflict. And especially love drama. You ever wonder why people always slow down to stare at car accidents and you cuss them out while you’re also staring at the car accident? Because people are wired to gawk at dramatic events.

While the S2000 vs. the Cars and Coffee is anything but exciting, it’s still an interesting read. It’s interesting to see two different groups of enthusiasts interact and see how each individual group views the other. Some felt that the S2000 owners showed up, took up all the space, and only stayed within their group and never even went to enjoy the rest of the meet. Some S2k owners didn’t understand the concept that the meet was tailored for rare exotics and super cars. Who’s right? Seems like more of a misunderstanding between the two groups. But usually when people sit behind a keyboard, they suddenly have a glass of courage beside them and they suddenly feel compelled to express themselves, and usually not in the most courteous way.

In any case, I’ll leave the opinion of who is right and who is wrong to you. I can understand both sides and I would just see both sides go in their own direction so that moments like this no longer occur. At the end of the day we are all enthusiasts and we should do our best to enjoy the company of others. Communication is key in these instances. Maybe someday we can all have a beer together and laugh about it.

Or we can just wait until the new “Fast and Furious” movie comes out and then everyone will hate the import community instead of just the S2000 owners.

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  1. This is funny. I’m sure the exotic owners felt the same way as those individuals at the Eibach meet that complained about the shitty rides that showed up and parked in the lot.
    Circle of life it seems. LOL!

  2. trick ass bustahs…on both sides.

  3. Cars & Coffee was not started for exotic cars. It began with old/classic cars. It sort of evolved into what it became. Nobody complains about seeing 10 GT-R’s each week or the 10+ stock Ferrari 360/F430’s because of what they are. I personally go to see those exotics and went this past week for the NSX’s (huge NSX fan here…)

    As for the s2000’s taking over; we were told to use our discretion on whether we parked in the display or spectator lot. I personally think that my car is a well modified example of the S2000. Most people on the street have no idea what they’re hearing/seeing is a $12k Honda. People ask me questions everywhere I go. Girls at PCC ask for rides because they think I’m driving a Ferrari. (I smile and say no because I don’t like asian girls :< lol)

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