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Make sure to look out for some of our guys this weekend at Wekfest. Not all of us could make it but we’ll definitely make our presence known withe some new goodies….I’m sure Mikey’s got some new shit, and the other guys as well…

I’m pretty sure I’ll have a new batch of stickers too so if you would like to donate some money or hamburgers.


7 thoughts on “Be on the look out…

  1. alex says:

    doing our own damn shit nuh nuh nuh

    can’t wait to see Mikey’s setup!

    1. stickydiljoe says:

      I bet Mikey is excited too…hasn’t seen his car in like 7 months!! haha…

  2. Alex Zhao says:

    be on the lookout for AS1* 😉

  3. veks says:

    You guys have a safe trip. Look forward to the blog post after wekfest!

    1. stickydiljoe says:

      Thanks doggie

  4. Solomon says:

    Cars looked good today!

    1. stickydiljoe says:

      Thanks man….

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