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It has been a bit slow lately. No meets, no shows, nothing really much going on in the automotive world. I’m gonna go grab some magazines this week just because I haven’t really looked at any lately….except for Honda Tuning…shameless plug….I do have work this week though. Gotta write a feature for the June issue and I’m looking forward to going back to writing stuff of value.

As far as what’s going on this week, I plan on making a trip down to Sportcar Motion this week because I haven’t hung out with Loi in awhile and I wanna see what all this hoopla is about the new K-swap header that Skunk2 just released. Definitely looks like a quality piece and I wanted to check out the eg that I showed you guys pics of that I haven’t really even seen in person yet.

I also got quite a piece of commentary in my ongoing “An indepth look at horrible ideas…” series. I’m actually hard at work on it right now and I’m sure everyone will love it. If not, well then purchase some stickers so you can give me money to properly educate myself so that I can write stuff that you guys actually enjoy. I’m still trying to figure out how the t-shirts are gonna work out and if people will actually wear them and not use them as jizz rags.

I figure I should give you guys something to look at since you decided to check this site on a busy Monday, so I dug up some old videos of my old Accord at the JDMC dyno day from like 2 years ago? Nothing really special, just a baseline run…the guy behind the wheel is none other than Aries Dionisio, the Mugen Prelude extraordinaire…..I haven’t seen that guy in awhile. He’s MIA like my old car….

Oh, just so you know, set-up was stock JDM H22A with APEXi intake, Greddy/Trust header, RS*R Ex-mag, chipped P28…. It made no power and my tranny was slipping throughout…you can probably hear it doing so…. =P

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  1. vimeo > youtube.

    you can use this to embed vimeo video into your wordpress blog.


    it’s kind of like the “press this” app , find a video and click the button and then modify your entry later if necessary or write it while embedding the video.


  2. HIN march 14, hope you can make it.

  3. so how much hp and torque did you make? your car sounded healthy then i can imagine now…

  4. Don’t really remember anymore but it wasn’t anything to rave about…haha….it was always a blast to drive on the freeway though…

  5. Your Accord was sick, I still have the issue when you made the cover.

    The Horrible Ideas posts are sweet, if people don’t get it, then so be it.

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