The Importance of Stance…

I’m sure everyone has seen these pictures by now…TJ’s S2000 is right up there with the best S2000s stateside and it’s badassery (word?) is based purely on wheel selection and suspension set-up. Now I believe all of you know that everything in life involves a right and a wrong. Call it a “Yin” and “Yang” of sorts. One one end of the spectrum, you have TJ, the good…

…And on the other end of the spectrum, you have this…

…This is not how you do it. I’m all for low offsets and wheel fitment. But you have to make your wheels fit. These…do…not…fit. Definitely an extraordinary amount of fender modification involved in getting these um…I think Rotas, to fit. They still do not fit. Sad really. If they are indeed Rotas. Someone took the time to hack up their fenders just to get Rotas to fit. Almost makes baby Jesus cry…

Rear looks awesome, very snug fitment, aggressive height…Everything you can want in a perfect stance for a S2k…

Fenders are hurting bad right here. For the owners sake, I hope he’s doing this clearly for fitment testing and will eventually fix the jagged fenders. It looks like it’d be a pretty nice car with the right stance….


That’s all for today folks. Gotta pee out all this hate…. =P

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  1. TJ’s car is clean. I wonder if the owner of the white s2000 is going to care that you use his car as reference?

  2. TJs S2000 is one of my favorites. So well done. ^^d

  3. Stance definitely makes a difference. It’s funny how the white s2k is parked in front of a massage parlor. You can see it in the second picture of the white s2k. LOL!

  4. TJ’s S2000 has the sickest stance bar none.

    That white one has potential though…

  5. That white s2k has potential… its not lowered as much and throw some negative camber in there, it can Possibly fit… I need a camber kit with more negative camber for my wheels to fit properly…

    but tj’s s2k is pretty well done

  6. TJs S2K is sick…. I see what you mean by stance is everything……

  7. that white one is ill.
    you guys’z style is sooo 2008.

  8. o really the white one looks like a lowrider.. “ill” as in im going to throw up becuase im feeling ill… then yeah. that gray one takes the cake baybee

  9. get some better up close pictures of that green s2000’s fender pull job before you say the white one is hack job.

    You got them myspace angles put in that ass.

    The green s2000’s bumper fitment is horrible now and don’t even line up due to the fender pulling they did in the rear of that thing. Looks like a coke can sawed in half looking in from the ground up.

    Not that it matters since TJ will sell the car in a few weeks and say he’s leaving the scene again.

  10. ^ wtf lol

    It wasn’t the pull job, the bodyshop widened the 1/4 panels and fenders.

  11. I believe I read somewhere that he had the lowest offset/widest wheels on a stock body S2k?

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