Exclusive First Look at Sportcar Motion’s entry into the Castrol Syntec Top Car Challenge…

You know I’m always bringing you world exclusives at The Chronicles…okay, not really. I pretty much just bring you pictures from meets, dirty perv stuff, and shit I’m mad at. For many of you, this will be the first time you’ve had a chance to see this Civic. This is Sportcar Motion’s entry into the Castrol Syntec Top Car Challenge….

For those of you unfamiliar with the competition, it’s a challenge that pits Honda Tuning, Super Street, Import Tuner, Modified, Euro Tuner, and Lowrider magazine against eachother. The twist is that the cars competing won’t be built by the respective magazines but by someone that is chosen to represent the mag. Loi Song and Sportcar Motion will represent Honda Tuning. Who better to represent the magazine of the Honda Community than a Redline Time Attack champion and record holder right?…

The challenge is similar to the now-defunct Ultimate Street Car Challenge. Not only will it include time attack and 1/4 mile battles but also other events such as trap speed, horse power, power-to-weight ratio, endurance, braking, and even emissions testing. The key to this competition is to find a car that’s not only a beast on the track but also relatively streetable and reliable in rush-hour traffic. In fact, the cars will actually have to sit in rush hour traffic and go from one destination to another just to prove that it can actually hang with the common folk who sit angrily in L.A. traffic everyday. Definitely an interesting overall competition. Now more on the car…

The first thing you probably noticed in the pictures was the intercooler. Unlike Sportcar’s other shop vehicles in the past, this one will not be naturall aspirated. Thanks to Kraftwerks and Skunk2 Racing, not only will it be another monster K built by Sportcar, but it will also feature a prototype K-supercharger kit…

If you found yourself looking around for a turbo or s/c after you saw the first couple pics, you won’t spot it right away because the Rotrex S/C sits under the intake manifold and alternator. I was told that this is actually the biggest S/C that Rotrex has to offer. The previous K in the Redline Time Attack winner was hovering under the the 300hp range all motor so one can already imagine how much this one will make with a supercharger…

Can’t really divulge too much information on it because it’s still not complete yet but it will have alot of prototype Skunk2 stuff that hasn’t been released. Above is one of the first Skunk2 composite fuel rails to be used in well, anything…Why composite technology?…

Skunk2’s new cutting-edge composite fuel rails are made using our proprietary carbon impregnated aerospace thermo-polymer composite. This material insulates the fuel from both radiant and conductive heat transfer under the hood. Keeping the fuel cooler results in an increase in horsepower and torque. We have seen power gains of up to 3% in real world testing. Skunk2 composite fuel rails feature a large 0.625” internal bore with radius inlets to the injectors thus improving flow characteristics. This type of radius injector inlet design is not possible with extruded and drilled aluminum fuel rails (which have sharp angles internally where the main bore meets the injector bores). Skunk2 fuel rails can be used with factory fuel lines and fuel regulators.-courtesy of Skunk2

New stuff is being added everyday as the event draws closer. These are all in-progress pics and they’re not in any particular order so if you see something that’s different here and there, it’s because they’re just different pictures that Loi has been sending over to me. I’m excited to see the finished product and I might even head down there sometime this week to check it out…

These Wilwoods just arrived a day or so ago and they supposedly clear smaller wheels like 15s and what not too. Should be interesting to see if that is true or not. If it does, I imagine they would be a pretty snug fit….

Here is how the Civic sits as of now. Loi didn’t really mention he had a J’s Racing front lip so I was surprised to see him running something that wasn’t made out of plywood..Looks really aggressive with the canards and that Kraftwerks intercooler poking out of the bumper.

I’ll try to update you guys on the progress whenever I hear anything about it. I gotta pick up some stuff from Loi as well so sometime this week I’ll be able to get a closer look at it….

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  1. Supercharger and brakes look killer. I was wondering why they ditched the 5-lug setup, this new setup looks more affective.

    And Joey, your RG’s are making the rounds if those are your old wheels!! Winning the Redline Time Attack and setting a new record, could Sportcar Motion be on to something again…

    • Seriously, Loi put more work on them then I ever did. The couple months I had them they just sat on my car in the garage…Haha…who knew that shit was gonna do so much. And to think I only paid 700 bucks for them back then…

  2. I saw the car couple of days ago when they were working on it and then again yesterday when I had Lunch with Loi this thing is gonna be a beast I cant wait to see it at the track!!!

  3. What a scam, they only picked this car because theyre friends with loi. They should have picked a slower car that wont do well in competition to prove a point. And what point is that you ask? I have no idea. Did you know that in japan we drive on the right side of the road? why you ask? i have no idea. But did you know that Japan is better than california because I get to bone so many girls and they clean my room and sweep my floors cause i’m a sex machine american with flames on my arms and they cant resist me. why dont i post pictures with them besides the ones where im at a bar sitting next to a random ugly japenese chick you ask? I have no idea. Hai

  4. I want to see the rest of the competition. sportcar motion just raised the bar!

  5. I’m with veks. I want to see what the other mags have lined up. Any 411 on them?

  6. Looked at the website:

    Unfortunately they don’t say which car is being used by each magazine since they’re still supposedly in the process of choosing a vehicle. I guess only way to know is if you have a connect to each mag.

    • I think there was an Evo for Super Street, and I forget the other ones off hand. Loi was telling me about it a while back but it just skips my mind at the moment.

  7. EVO 10, evo 8, supercharged 350z, supercharged mustang cobra, supercharged capri big block and an Audi S4. all of cars got picked are boosted.

  8. I think from a post on nwp the caprice is lowriders entry, import tuner has 3 cars 350z, mustang an a evo. Is super street covering the event in one of their issues or is each magazine respectfully covering their own cars?

  9. At least the Cobra that’s representing 5.0 Mustang and Super Fords is a real street car unlike the sponsored race cars that the other mags picked that they are going to disguise street cars. It has over 150,000 miles on the odometer and over 70,000 miles on the engine. It was all built by the owner who is not in the auto performance industry, unlike the other mags that picked. Just like this Civic. Must be nice taking a full on race with proto type parts and compete against a street car. How is this Civic street legal? What are the CARB EO numbers on that supercharger kit?

  10. Weird. I could have sworn this was the Castrol Syntec TOP Car Challenge… Not the Castrol Syntec STREET Car Challenge.

    Don’t get pussyhurt because your domestic land yacht is going to get its ass handed to it by a FWD econobox. Thems the brakes

    • Just think how bad that sponsored race car is going to look when a completely smog legal daily driven domestic with over 70,000 miles, air conditioning, cruise control, power everything, with DVD and a sound system beats it in some of the challenges. It will just prove that to beat a domestic street car you have to dump big money into your import that’s worth $1500. No wonder all the ricers think they can beat domestics. They read these import mags that pass off race cars as street cars.

  11. What is the name of the rims? They are nice. Email me the name if you like thanks.


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