Oh fuck, I’m so tired….I tried editing pictures tonight and half way through it I don’t even know what I’m doing. I need sleep badly…This year’s Eibach was probably the best in terms of quality and what not. Plus the tribute to Armando was very touching. But I really need sleep. Been up since 6am and ran around like a maniac all day….I’ll just leave you with some teasers or whatever you wanna call them…

Nevermind the “some”…just one for now. Wanna save the rest of the good stuff for later…

More tomorrow for sure, I gotta finish up all the pics that I took…..I’m out…need to sleep…I mentally checked out like 4 hours ago…

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  1. it takes forever to upload too…stupid high rez

  2. i like his missing valve stem cover, fucking setting trends again!!!

  3. thats what im working on right now as well cant wait to see the rest

  4. arnel’s car was in the spotlight the whole day at eibach…. controversy with that bbs setup!

  5. nice teaser pic,waiting for those you still editing…

  6. My 1st Eibach as a Honda owner and I had a blast. Spent most of the time studying by my car though.

    Phaze 2 Setting the standard again!!! Good seeing ya Joey. Get some sleep you looked hella tired on Sunday

    • Joey is Chinese so he always looks tired. LOL! Nice coverage of the event. Too bad I couldn’t make it since I was in Diego all weekend.

  7. you need to post up a shot of arnel destroying that cupcake! if you got one…. HAHA!

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