Version 2 is now live!…

Well if you’re reading this then that means you’ve already had the opportunity to check out the new layout. I couldn’t really track back every update to correct the sizing on the images so all the posts except for the Fast Autoworks post and the one following that are corrected. I’m very pleased with the results and I’m pretty excited now to be able to present the pics in the size that I intended them to be. Everything seems to be working smoothly but if you guys run into something that’s fucked up, please let me know…

Just one more pic from the shoot…

The “Support the Chronicles” link is easier to spot now as well and basically it’s just an overall cleaner layout to work with. Hopefully this gives the site a more customized look and a look unique to With that said, I’d just like to thank everyone that has supported this site for making it happen. It’s been a while preparing this layout and definitely did not happen over night. I can’t thank my friends and supporters enough. This site started out as just a regular site following Hondas and transformed into a site where people can have an indepth look at the Southern California Honda Community as well as our adventures to different places. I say “our” because it’s definitely a group effort. The Phaze2xDoods/Hot Stuff International crew make all this possible. I also have to thank Loi Song from Sportcar Motion for being so grateful as to let me use his equipment whenever I wanted and basically lending a helping hand anytime. He was even the guy that helped pick up the t-shirts from the printing place when I was stuck in traffic and shit. Also gotta thank Rodrez for being the first guy that told me to push forward with this site. I came to him with the idea randomly one night when we were randomly bullshitting about stuff. Who knew that it would grow to what it is today. For all I know, he wasn’t even listening and just told me to do whatever so he could go to sleep. Oh well, guess it worked out, haha! Big thanks all around.

I hope everyone enjoys the new look. If not, then I apologize because I’m not going back to the old look haha…Thanks to everyone who bought stickers and t-shirts, you guys give me the extra funding needed to get stuff done around here and keep this place going. You help put 99 cents chicken soft tacos on my table and sometimes I even get to get the regular nachos. Haha. In all seriousness though, thank you. I’ll be back later today with alot of content on Big Mike’s continuing built process…Unbelieveable how fast this guy works. Alright, I’m going blind from looking at color pallettes and checking for errors on every page and section. Time to get some rest. Enjoy.

Oh one more thing. I came home today to news that my boy Billy (with the Laguna Seca Blue IS300) was jumped when two guys tried to take his M3 from him. Pretty fucked up world we live in when a guy can’t even get a burrito without some stupid shit happening to him. What a shame. Not like the guy is a pushover either, I mean, he trains MMA and isn’t exactly a small guy. Shit just ain’t fair when it’s 2-on-1 and people are sucker-punching you and shit. The good news is that he’s okay and left with only a couple bruises. Luckily they didn’t take his car and just took off. You always hear people on the net talking shit about how we don’t drive our cars and how we just garage them. Well, what the fuck do you expect? We can’t even go out and get some food without some motherfuckers trying to take our shit from us. Nevermind car theft, how about getting straight car-jacked? Oh and yes, he still got his burrito by the way. That’s Billy for ya. Nothing can stop him from getting his burrito, even when faced with tremendous adversity. Keep your head up son….Crazy fucking world I tell ya….

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  1. bad ass, so much easier to leave a comment now. And don’t fuck with a man when he’s in fourthmeal mode.

  2. Check the site out everyday, v2.0 looks pretty good! Keep up the good work and goodluck with the new layout!

  3. Dope shit man!! the lay out of the site is awesome and the pics are even better. You really can’t help but Focus on what You want us to see. Good thing for us you got good taste haha!

    Now hurry up and give updates on Bigz lude and what he spent that 5G’s on haha!


  4. Loving the new layout of the site. Only down side to the comments section from before is now the poster’s name is so tiny and below the comment :S

    I don’t think I can picture how bad Socal is because everyone I know that drives ITR’s, AP’2, any other modded car parks it outside, guess I’m a little spoiled not having to worry my shit getting jacked haha *TOUCH WOOD*

  5. I like the layout, pictures will be much nicer.
    However something hurts my eye’s just don’t know what yet.
    It may just be because it’s Monday >_<

  6. Nah… same here, I think it’s the black box in the center with the White colored trim on both sides.

  7. I love the new look!!!!!

  8. Nice layout. But blue on a black background can mess with people’s eyes. That and the smaller font as well.
    That’s fucked up to hear about Billy. If he finds out who the guys were let me know. I’m down to deliver a beat down.

  9. I think it’s the white boardered edge. Narrow in your screen by bringing in the sides so you can’t see the white edges, then you’ll see that your eyes don’t hurt.
    After viewing it this way for a couple of seconds, expand to the full screen so the white edge comes out again, instint pain haha.

  10. Version2 is unique. Keep doing your thing. Much inspiration

  11. Digging the new look. Congrats and keep up the great work.

  12. the layout looks better. gotta get used to the light blue color

  13. thanks for messing up my already messed up vision. LOL good job on the site. You’re almost as famous as the other site.

  14. Digging the new layout. Really unique.

  15. Version 2 is the shit..and those guys are pussies!!
    Everyones gotta step up their blog game!

  16. The v2 looks great. Good work!

    OK, that’s 3 things bad things that has happened to Billy. His luck needs to improve, pronto.

  17. new v.2.0 looks nice. only one critique..if you could tone down the gray on the outside background. It’s too bright and hits the eyes in a weird way. other than that i like this new layout alot more.

  18. Loving the new version Joey and waz up with no RSX in the Categories section 🙁

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