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Okay, for all of you who tuned in to see Big Mike build coverage, I swear, it is coming tomorrow. I was basically tying up some loose ends for work today and editing some pictures when I caught this on the Castrol Syntec Top Car Challenge website. It contains a couple of videos of Loi Song and the Sportcar Motion Civic and basically breaksdown what is in the car. This is one of the premier time attack Hondas in competition right now and we would all appreciate it if you clicked on the link below and took 5 min out of your busy day to watch the videos. You can watch it while on the toilet, inbetween commercial breaks, while you’re waiting for your pRon to finish downloading, etc…. SUPPORT HONDAS. Click the link below…

I can’t begin to stress how important it is to support Hondas in any form of road racing competition. If you read the Chronicles then you probably have love for Hondas and especially this one since I’ve documented it on numerous occassions. Now meet the man behind the build and the owner of Sportcar Motion.

CLICK HERE to go to the Castrol SYNTEC Top Car Challenge site featuring the Sportcar Motion Civic.
Thank you guys so much for doing so.

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  1. nigga imma cut you, I want my big mike coverage… but I’ll do it this one time. LOL!

  2. that loi cartoon head is money !

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