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Love the discussion guys, keep it coming…haha. I know that what I said might have came off a little insensitive but after having a talk with my boy Chris out in the midwest, I think we came to an agreement that both events are very different. Is IA better than Eibach? No…totally different event. It’s always good to talk about these things though because it helps us see how different people in different regions see things. I love the guys out east and their cars, hell when they came out here, I personally drove out to wherever they were just to hang out with them and meet them. So it’s not like I got any resentment towards the east/midwest. Keep doing your thing. Shit, alot of you guys out there are helping me rep this site so I certainly can’t say anything bad about that. Like Chris said though, most of the guys out there that support this site “get it” and they understand what I’m trying to say. I’m happy you guys got big things going on out there, it’s about time! Haha…alright alright, time to stop…keep doing big things people.

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  1. I fully back this up!!! I’ve been to eibach every year since 2006.. Each year is sumthing new and crazy, somones setting a new and different standard with hondas. California”the west coast” always come hard!! don’t me wrong I’ve also seen some cars on NWP4LIFE forums and their some legit builds.. I’ve heard of import Alliance but don’t really see pics too often.. but im not putting down or talking ish.. I jus wana better coverage or more cars because I far I knoe Eibach always is big and every year is bigger and better..

  2. I just got back from IA and if you’re talking about quality ratio then I would have to say Eibach would win hands down, BUT IA is so much more than just a car meet over a two day period. To say one is down right better than the other is just fucking retarded.

  3. We made the trip from chitown down to IA, and it was a blast. I ran the time attack, and got some publicity for a car we’ve been refining all winter. It was a great time. You said it right, they are 2 different events, and the hating is stupid. I rocked the fuck out of a chronicles sticker right above my nwp sticker on my hatch.

    the east coast and the west coast are both doing some great stuff, really. The quality cars I mean. There sure were a lot of shitters at IA though. Cars where I was like, “If that was my car, it’d be in the garage at home and I’d be bummin a ride” kinda stuff. I doubt eibach is that way.

    Bring a time attack out to eibach next year, and I’ll be there 🙂

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