“When ho’s daze has its knights get a little pig hold her….”

Working on a “look back” sort of deal and it’s taking a little longer than I expected. Trying to go over some stuff that I did earlier in the year and since this site’s inception as sort of a “mid-year review” type deal. I know it’s already August and it’s not exactly the middle of the year anymore, but since Nisei is coming up and it’s probably gonna be the biggest show of the year, might as well right? Anyways, check back later today for that, should be a good one….

I’m sure you guys need a good laugh or something to look at in the morning. This is breakfast to some of you so I think I’m gonna hand it off to singing sensation Kim Dong Won and let him seduce you with his vocals. His shirt should immediately throw you off but make sure to stick around and read the lyrics…Haha…Such classic lines as “Oh baby, billing me, it’s only a matter of pie…PIEEEEEE!!” ….It’s a must see.

Anyways, be back later today…

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  1. Wow.. darwin, Cousin.

  2. gotta give it to the guy for trying… lol

    and wait a minute, is that my car on the banner?? yeeehoooooow!

  3. hahah. plenty of this 5hit on youtube! keys me!btw i noticed that too props to m2s~juan!

  4. ROTFLLLLL!!!! Hard….hol* crap that made my day right there LMAOooo

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