I really can’t even tell you what’s going on right now. I highly doubt that Big Mike even had any time to upload pictures with time running out…I would have gone out there to see for myself but he’s not exactly close to where I’m at and I had to head back to SD to take care of some business as well. Hell, I even worked on my own car today for a change. The thing has been neglected for so long that I felt bad about it. I even took it out and finally got an alignment….Tomorrow I gotta knock out some shit before the show on my own car as well. I know the NSX is almost ready. Everything should be assembled and buffed by day’s end. I had a chance to talk to Big Mike earlier in the morning and he told me that they’re cutting it really short. Worse comes to worse the thing might even have to be trailered there. Something Big Mike swore he would never do. It would be a shame if that was the reason why it didn’t make it so I’m sure Big Mike will definitely figure out a way to get it out there. Like he said, too many people are involved for this thing not to make it to Nisei, but I guess we’ll find out. I know one thing, our group is coming out in a big way so be sure to look for us at the show. Everybody else seems to be completing the final touches but you know that shit always comes down to the wire regardless….I guess that’s the beauty of being apart of probably the biggest show of the year and most anticipated event out here other than the annual Eibach meet. I wish I had the answers for you guys but I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see….ooohhh the suspense….See you Saturday…I’ll provide updates when I can of course….

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  1. See you guys there ill be rocking my Chronicles shirt 🙂

  2. sent in a payment for a sticker and tshirt. i know you’re a busy man, so take your time.

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