Time for a review…

Well, I figured I should have done this about mid-way through the year but so much has been going on this year that I never had the chance to. When I first started this site, I decided at the end of the year, I would do a Top 10 Hondas of the Year list. I also plan to do this at the end of this year and the years following, if this site lasts that long. So many crazy builds this year that it’s definitely going to be difficult to compile a solid list without some great thought. Trust me, it’s gonna be a good list, I just don’t know how I’m gonna be able to decide who goes where….With that said, please take a look at the list from last year. I know I’ve had alot of new viewers since then and if you’ve never had a chance to look through the archives, you probably would have never caught it. If this was like an old sitcom like Growing Pains or Saved by the Bell or some shit, this would be the episode where they get lazy and they like film one scene and then the rest is just them reminiscing and showing you old clips from previous episodes. I’m still editing okay? Give me a break…haha. It’s an important list though. Even the few followers that I had back then thought it was cool and the guys that made the list were honored to be on there. Alright, so go read through it and tell me what you think…

Top 10 of 2008…#10-6

Top 10 of 2008…#5-2

Top 10 of 2008…#1

Pretty cool to see what the cars were then and where they are now….Oh how so much can change in one year….Who knows, maybe I’ll do a write-up of what these guys are up to nowadays…

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  1. damn i wasn’t even into honda that much in 08 but i’ve heard of many of these cars and check their builds up before. All deserving of top 10 spots and amazing cars.

    and in response to #1 i think its your ado = adieu llol, key word “i think”

  2. def in agreement with your list, esp donut’s ride! those cam gears popped so well!

  3. big mikes prelude set a higher standard for bb4s everywhere, congrats

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