I got you…

Finally had a chance to cut some more stickers tonight…. Those of you who bought shirts will also be receiving them shortly, I just have to package them and what not. Here is the list of guys who purchased stuff. If you recently purchased and aren’t on the list let me know and I’ll look again…

Homegrown Fabrications

Sergio from Oxnard, CA

Sean from Severna Park, MD

Ron from Las Vegas, NV

Louis from Quincy, MA

Chiam from Oakland, CA

Lance from Simi Valley, CA

Alan from British Columbia

Freddy from Phoenix, AZ

Your stuff is coming shortly! Back to the regular daily grind tomorrow….I’ve just been busy doing other things for the site as well as working on stuff for Honda Tuning and helping out Ken from Import Showoff. If you guys want to grab some stickers now is the perfect time to do so cuz I’m actually in the mood to make them haha. Again, if you want to support the site, visit the “Support the Chronicles” link on the right of the screen. Thanks everybody for always reading and representing!

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  1. HomegrownFab REPRESENT!!! haha. Thanks for the update homie.

  2. whoo hooooo good shit man…

  3. Another BC guy rocking the sticker!

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