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So 09-09-09 has come and gone and as expected the Earth hasn’t exploded (yet), LA is still too crowded, and things continue to be at a crawl this week. The weekend should be fun though with the JDM vs DTM LA County fair show going on. Actually looking forward to this because I like the idea of being able to walk around the fair while the show is going on and eating turkey legs and shit. That and you always pass by the gigantic horse penis tent and people always secretly want to go in there and stare at a animal genitals. Anyways, I’m busy running around all over the place this week so even though it may seem like things are slow online, there’s actually alot to be done….

As you all know, I’ve been hanging out at Midnight Garage alot lately because I’ve been working on the stickers and what not and generally just hanging out with Ross and watching him do work on some of our cars. Well Ross is a long time Doods! family member and we always try to support him in whatever he’s doing so we’re gonna help him out with his grand opening meet and greet on September 26th. I’d like to personally invite you guys to come by and hang out with us. We’re gonna have our cars there on display and it would be cool if you guys came by. The lot is generally out of sight from the main street so you don’t have to worry about people bugging you or getting hassled by cops and it’s also big enough to accomodate some cars. It’ll be cool to have a meet and even better because it’ll give you something to do after the next two weeks with the Showoff event this Saturday and NWP meet the next. Why not just throw another meet in there too and just something every weekend of September? So please, come support Midnight Garage and The Chronicles by coming out. It would be our pleasure to have you guys/girls…

If you read the previous post, you’ll know that Ojay with the Element has retired his car and moved on to a new project. Well it’s nowhere near done but here’s some progress on it after the air suspension install was completed. The wheels are just on there temporarily because we wanted to see how low the car would go and how much lower we could go once we do some fender work and what not. It’s looking good so far and we’re all excited to see how it’s gonna come out when it’s all said and done….

I’ve also continued to work on the Rotamaster EMO wheel and I’m hoping to have it ready for the JDM vs DTM show this weekend. I opened up the image and actually took the time to create the vector for it so we can cut it out in vinyl. It took some time for me to figure out exactly how to use the vinyl program but I eventually finished up the logo and I’m very pleased with how it came out. It looks so nice that I might even cut it into a normal sticker haha. Maybe I’ll throw a Chronicles logo in there somewhere and make it a new sticker that you guys can pick up….I haven’t decided yet but if you guys like it, I can always cut a couple.

Alright time to get some rest before I gotta drive around all over Socal tomorrow to run errands….Later….

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  1. You guys completed an air ride install about one day? Damn.

  2. see you this weekend mate! now the whole month is full of car meets and shows.

  3. I’ll try and make it up from San Diego for the grand opening too check everything out . Ojay’s ls400 is really looking good so far. I’m loving the 2-tone with those brabus wheels, simply killer !

  4. Make the stickers for us please

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