“I don’t usually like _______ but I really dig your’s….”

It’s something we hear all too often on the internet. Kinda stupid actually but you see it alot….”I don’t normally like ________ but I love your’s!!” Whatever. You just don’t like it because you haven’t seen one done right yet….

I’ve been practicing alot more with the camera lately and I think I’m slowly starting to get better and understand lighting, reflections, etc. I’ve been shooting so much in fact, that I actually broke my tripod. Shit cracked at the mount….now I gotta go buy a new one…Anyways, I’m still waiting for some Status Sean stuff to roll in and I’m as anxious as the rest of you to see what’s next. I’ve actually gone out and tried to hone my skills shooting other cars and not just Hondas. I really want to shoot Hondas, but I’m still waiting on DPK David, Big Mike, and the right time to shoot DPK JP’s car. They’re trying to get their cars running right before they attempt to drive it out. That and they don’t want pics of their cars in an incomplete state….Anyways…hanging out with Ross at Midnight Garage has introduced me to alot of Scions. Some good, some really good, and some REALLY bad. Nonetheless, I’m a fan of automobiles as a whole and though I love Hondas, my pallette isn’t limited. I can respect a nice build regardless of the make, model, or country of origin. Today, I’m gonna post up some non-Honda stuff that I’ve been doing. I’m very happy with the results so I thought I’d share it with the rest of you. Before you run and go to your next site of the day, take a look. Sure they’re Scions, but not your typical breed. The gray one of course is Ross’s…Phaze2 Ross I might add…Congrats on that….and the orange one you may have seen before, but not too often. Ross tells me that it’s only actually been seen mostly on Scion forums. If that’s the case, then it’s a shame because this thing deserves to be seen by the world. I know I bring you some of the top Hondas in our community…now I’m bringing you something a little different…..

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

It was a bit of an impromptu photo session…I wish he would have cleaned the interior and the bay so I could have shown you guys the boosted motor and the 4 Bride buckets inside…yes 4….

Next one of course is Phaze2 Ross’s bB….Yes, I know the paint has some swirls in it…he’s too busy driving it everywhere and running his business that he hasn’t had much time to fix it…Oh well, enjoy it anyway…Oh and this one is boosted also but with a Blitz S/C….

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

Hope you guys like it…If not….Ehhh….no care…haha….

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  1. I dont usually like pictures of scions but I really dig yours! Hahaha j/k! Anyway I really like the lighting on the last photo of the Orange XB, it shows the range in color of the paint. The only thing I notice is the reflection in the paint, it starts at the rear driver door to the tail light. Its hard to notice those things when your taking a few quick pictures but if noticed and corrected it will make the subject that much more intriguing! Like always practice makes perfect!

  2. “I’m a fan of automobiles as a whole and though I love Hondas, my pallette isn’t limited. I can respect a nice build regardless of the make, model, or country of origin.”

    I’m with you on this Joey, I love cars in general and although I like Hondas the most, I still appreciate the othere automotive “scenes” as well.

  3. Man I love that orange xb!! the first time I saw it I was like, damn about time someone does it right. ive always wanted to run four buckets but i always thought that would be more for like an accord. I have also like Ross’ car since the first time i saw it. Cant go wrong with that grey.

  4. your photo work is getting pretty good.

  5. I love MattyRattyPoo’s xB. Your shots are getting a lot better too man.

    I posted it up a little while ago. There are shots of the interior and engine here: http://omgpancakes.wordpress.com/2009/04/20/box-love-mattyrattypoos-xb/

  6. The shots look great. Nice to see these models getting done right. Unfortunatly we don’t get these in Europe. With regards to the reflections and visible swirls, with a circular polarizer you can twist the filter to block certain reflections. So for instance you could have dialled out the swirly reflections on the side of the Honda. No criticism, just a pointer 😉

    Check this youtube lcip for some examples: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojf8p405A70

  7. dope pics,and dope rides for sure

  8. yo joe im really happy for you and im gonna let you finish but hasback has some of the best pics of all time.

    hahaha j/k. nice pix man. always dig a clean xb!

  9. boosted boxes! lovin the variety in here. can’t wait for status sean’s feature. your banner is teasing.

  10. Nice nice nice boxes….

    Any more info on the grey one??!? Love it.

  11. wtf, did they buy you lunch or something?! 😛

  12. damn those are some nasty buffer trails on that first pic of the second one but those are some dope photos man

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