Bidtits…Tidbits I mean…

Just a couple things for you guys today….First off, I just wanna remind you guys that the Midnight Garage Grand Opening is this Saturday at 2pm and we would love to have you guys come out and hang out. I know the weather has been kinda hot lately but it’ll be cool to head out over there to hang out and chill with the homies. The lot isn’t SUPER big or anything and the shop is actually pretty small but I’m sure we’ll be able to accomdate you. Actually the lot next door is empty so if we happen (big if) to overfill our lot, the lot next door is wideopen for you guys.  Yeah, there’s a homeless guy that’s over there, and he is fucking crazy but that’s okay. He’s not half as crazy as the angry Korean shoe store owner next door. Why is he angry? I don’t know. He’s on some North Korea shit but he’s probably not gonna be there. Even if he is, he’ll kinda just stand there and pump his fist in anger for like 5 minutes and then leave so don’t worry about him. There’s also a big ass dog next door at Wellbilt Customs. They’re a fabrication shop that’s pretty good and they’ll also be there to hang out and join in on the festivities. When I say a big ass dog, I mean he’s big as fuck. Like the size of a fucking horse. It’s a nice dog though, actually really friendly and loves meeting new people. His tail wag is pretty strong though. He once walked by and wagged his tail at my leg and I’ve been walking with a noticeble limp ever since…but again, is a horse-sized dog, angry Korean, and crazy hobo gonna stop you from coming out and having a good time? I would hope not….And I know alot of you saw on NWP that I mentioned that Lil Mama from ABDC was gonna be there. Is that true? Probably not, but we’ll try our best. I’m sure if we play any sort of hip hop song that pertains to New York, the Bronx, Brooklyn, BX, some shit, Statue of Liberty, motherfucking big slice of pizza, I don’t know, Terror Squad, I’m sure she’ll show up with her ponytail sticking out of her be-dazzled NY cap, with her arms crossed, mean muggin fools…..Anyways. Yes, please come and join us. Let’s make it a memorable one…

Next of course, if you haven’t heard by now, is that Phaze2 Sid had his Integra stolen. No, not the white one that’s in this month’s Honda Tuning Magazine, but his daily, which is pretty much the Aztec Green version of the white one. What really sucks is that the Work XSAs that was on the white one was on his daily and that shit is now long gone. They found the car in south central LA today and it was pretty much stripped of everything. Motor, interior, wheels, everything. Fuck they even took the OEM metal hood and left the DA with a carbon fiber one. I guess that’s the state of the game right now when people steal your cars and give you a carbon fiber hood in return for your stock one. Makes no sense. I’m pretty sure when the Cops found it they didn’t notice whether the car had a hood or not. Leaving a shitty carbon one isn’t gonna make much of a difference. I fucking hate people that steal other people’s shit (T_nermanuevermag *cough*). Why can’t people work hard for their own shit nowadays…If you’re reading this, you better hope those wheels are long gone in Mexico by now cuz if we see that shit on a Honda, it’s gonna be prrrrrrettttty obvious where those wheels came from considering the oddball sizing of them. Man, still can’t believe they got that shit. Oh well, Sid didn’t seem to be bothered by it but still, fuck guys, stop stealing shit….

Lastly, I just wanted to update you guys on stuff that’s supposed to be coming soon. For those of you who are still waiting on the Status Sean build stuff, it’s coming. The guy has been sick as a dog lately and hasn’t done much of anything. He’s probably curled up in his Snuggie and resting. He tells me that he’s got some really cool shit for us so I guess we’ll just have to wait to see when he’s up and about again…

I’ve been busy as shit lately cutting stickers for everyone that ordered them too. They’re coming, if anything you should have received your’s by now. The t-shirts I think I’m slowly starting to run out of so I’ll inform you guys if I am and whether you want me to refund your money or not or just have you guys wait for the new shirts that are coming. I’m working on a new design so I’ll let you guys know when that shit is finished. I’ve also been busy doing misc. stuff for friends. Just recently completed the new logo for Sportcar Motion. Loi wanted something that was more updated and visible to be present on the DC2-R Time Attack car. They’ll be competing at Redline Time Attack in Vegas this weekend so best of luck to those guys out there and be sure to check out the new logo when coverage from the event pops up…

I still have a lot of cars that I have lined up to take pics of and what not so be sure to look out for that as well. I gotta see what’s up with DPK David’s car still. Longest build ever man, seriously….EVER.

Big Mike’s should be done soon as well. He’s been working on some sponsorship stuff right now that’s kinda slowed the finishing touches down as he’s been adding new things to the Prelude but it should be ready soon….

Oh I also got a call from Jaypee today from Fast Autoworks and he informs me that they’re gonna debut a new project at Midnight Garage this weekend. So if you guys need anymore incentive to come than to hang out with homies, a big ass dog, an angry Korean, and a homeless guy, there you go…..

Damn, that’s alot of stuff to read. Alright I’ll let you guys go for now. See you Saturday if you come by. I’ll have stickers on hand for people that wanna pick some up….OUT.

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  1. Man I am sorry for lagging. All the shops I need to go to are open the same hours as my job so the car has really just been sitting. I am going to try to get some stuff done before the meet but probably wont cause I dont want to be late!!!! and I going to get drunk tonight so I wont be up early hahaha. Sorry brother!!!!!!

  2. Would love to go but got to put the daily back together…pic please I’ll be reading about it later=( ..Thanks Joey for the luv!!!

  3. That sucks about Sid’s daily getting jacked , thats so ef’n weak ! Btw I got my stickers yesterday and they look killer .

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