Business as usual…

Words/Photos –  Joey Lee

I’m pretty loaded up with stuff to do right now. Still going through the JCCS pics and finishing those up, plus my priority right now is to finish up a mag feature I’m writing up. Also got some other pics to edit as well, plus stickers, shirts, etc…So yeah, kinda busy. Oh on top of that, while I was updating the layout, some how the shit crashed and the layout was missing a bunch of shit and I had to redo it all to get it back to the way it was…..what a pain in the ass. Be back tomorrow with more stuff. For now, enjoy this picture of Big Mike giving a Corolla a thumbs-up. Why is he doing that? I don’t know, I guess he likes it….Either that or he wants to go smoke hookah with it, I don’t know, I’ll leave it up to you to decide….

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  1. I remember when I first met Big Michael. He was riding a beach cruiser with his shirt off, wearing cowboy boots with spurs (we refer to them as blades in DA GAME, cause he’s shittin’ on da game) and smoking a portable hookah filled with a mixture of maui wowie and salmon deposits. He was singing “all the single ladies” and spouting off delusions of grandeur combined with tales of the sea that may, or may not, have happened. It was then that I realized he would one day be an internet celebrity.

  2. DAMNNNN That 76 280ZX is sexy as fuck!!!! My next project car! Thanks for posting the coverage Joey, there is not that many people now-a-days appreciate the classic japanese cars and rarely do we see or hear about these shows. Peace-Love-n-Chicken Adobo Grease

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