Working on some stuff…

Well I’m doing stuff behind the scenes as well as preparing to go shoot some more cars soon. Trying to stay busy now that the weather has cooled down and it’s not too hot to do anything….Working on a new shirt design…figured I might as well to switch things up. Stickers are going out still as well as shirts, especially to the international guys…

What do you guys think about this?….better than the first design or no?….Just messing around, I know I totally shouldn’t be designing logos and shirts and shit on photoshop but oh well….

Not going with gold again since the first time I did my shirts the gold ended up looking like nacho cheese or some cheese you get at Fuddruckers….

Asked my girl what she thought and she said it was “aiiiight”….I don’t know why she talks like that but I guess it’s not that great….haha. Let me know what you guys think…’Aiiiiiiight’?

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  1. the new color is better than the gold for sure, designs cool too.

  2. looks like the chronicles…. squared.

  3. Looks great. Just make a white shirt too???

  4. u meant cubed…i think its cool. simple is the key. :thumbup:

  5. I think i looks GOOOOODDDDD….
    Giv me oneand let me spread youre word in Sweden 🙂

  6. You could have the readers contribute by creating some designs and submitting them. It could help you get an idea or if you like one in particular, you could use it.

  7. Ummmmmmm I like the old design better simply for the fact that the logo was in an unconventional place.. This design is just simply alright or “aiiight” as u had put it.

    • It got moved it to the spam folder. =X

      Last couple posts I get from people are tagged with the same users and then follow by some spam shit…

      Submitted on 2009/10/09 at 7:05pm
      who da hell is your girl? we never see her?!!!”

      Submitted on 2009/10/09 at 7:10pm

      yuuyu [url=]yuuyu[/url]”

      Everytime someone sees you post they follow it with your email and then some pron site. I don’t know if it’s automated but a couple of other regular posters does that too and I gotta move their shit to the spam folder. I don’t know if it has something to do with ur email or what. Either that or you’re looking at dirty stuff and it’s following you around =P

      I think it might pull keywords from what you say too like “girl” and shit so it’s all automated. One time I mentioned Exte_ze (I can’t type out the whole word) and the next day I had all kinds of spam shit from them about enlargement and shit.

  8. Looks good, but you should add 2 more lines to make it even more massive in size.

  9. I was wondering where I can get hold of the Emo stickers?

  10. This design looks pretty dOpe Man

    id rocK a Stickydiljoe shirt with

    sOme sick DuNkz where can I

    purchase One and if you could

    design a v-neck that would be siicK


    Jdm giiLbeRT


  11. hey Joey where can i order shirts and a sticker for my hooptie?!

  12. looks ill man

    these up and running? if so able to purchase?

  13. Lookz Siik man where can i purchase one.?

    also a chronicles sticker

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