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Alright, I really gotta get back to putting the rest of the SEMA pics up so this is the last time I’m gonna speak on the issue. What’s said is said and the facts have been put out there before you. What happens in the future with both parties has yet to be determined. I must say to everyone that has followed the previous days post: PLEASE DO NOT RETALIATE ON ROSS’ BEHALF. As in, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO VANDALIZE THEIR CARS IF YOU SEE THEM. The last thing we need is some vigilante going around keying cars with revenge in mind. That’s not what we do, and that’s not our style. We’re all adults and we know better than to vandalize another man’s car out of anger or revenge. We know better than to bring our foul-mouthed mothers around to verbally assault people. So if you’re walking around with your mom and you run into these individuals, tell her to keep walking, haha. Again, don’t do anything stupid that will get you in trouble or get me or Ross in trouble. Don’t go chasing after them with molatov cocktails or something and go “THIS IS FOR MIDNIGHT GARAGE” and start torching shit, again, that is not our style. We merely stated what happened so that the public knows what really went down and how things got to this point. It was Martin’s intention to go on the internet and “ruin” Ross’s reputation and to put him out of business. Some friend right? Judging from people’s comments who have actually encountered the guy or know him, it almost doesn’t even seem like a surprise. It’s sad that it had to come to this but things happen for a reason I guess…

Seriously, with friends like these, who really needs enemies? Shit…

Now onto the next issue…Someone posted a comment that I was being one-sided and not posting (her) comments. I’m not being one-sided at all. If you want to state an argument or a point, I’m giving you every opportunity to do so. If I was being one-sided, then everyone wouldn’t have seen Martin’s comments. Even he posted on here and was given an opportunity to respond. I don’t care if you state your case, but be man enough to state who you are. Don’t hide behind a fake user name and say a bunch of stuff and expect people to believe you. Like Jimmy said in the comments section, I have no reason to lie, it’s not beneficial to me either way whose right and whose wrong in this situation. Your points aren’t valid if you say it in hiding, you know? I figured out who you are though…it doesn’t really help your cause to post as “anonymous” and then post your real email address. Plus when you post, it also logs your IP, which also shows who you are, so again….yah, kinda already figured out who you are. It is rather sad however, that you decided to post what you did as “anonymous”, slandered Ross and his business practices, and then go to Ross and tell him that you were inpartial and keeping your opinion to yourself. That’s playing both sides kiddo….

I honestly feel sorry for the two of them. I hope they get their shit together and figure things out without having to cause harm to others. I can understand how some would see what has occurred as being “harsh”…I get it, but we can’t take threats lightly, especially when it comes to business. This puts food on the table for Ross, a place to eat and sleep for him and his significant other. These two threatened to RUIN their own friend, a person they supposedly looked up to for help. Their friend continues to tell Ross that “they wouldn’t do something like that, they’re not that type of people”….Yeah, well that’s what WE thought too! Benefit of the doubt is eliminated when you threaten people and verbally assault them. I’m all for being diplomatic and letting two parties work their issues out…but diplomacy is thrown out the window when you put your hands on someone else’s property and invade their personal space.

Oh one more thing….there was also another “anonymous” poster (MLK) who said: “OK really you started this post off with a MLK quote when Ross put TNB (Typical Ni–er Behavior) on blast about this whole thing on facebook.”

Uhh…TNB means “Trust No Bitch”…I honestly have never heard of “Typical Ni–er Behavior” until you brought it up, anonymous user. I don’t even know when you would use that.

Thanks for your random opinion though…you can have your race card back now…yikes…

Anyways, like Kimbo Slice said, it’s “done-dada”….shit is over with. Let the law handle it if it comes down to it…let’s get back to what we’re all here for….the cars.

More SEMA coverage later today….Enough drama for the week. That’s why I don’t fuck with (enter car brand here) people…Honda guys, they don’t do so much scheming, they just talk shit to eachother on Honda-Tech and call it a day….haha.

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  1. way to go Joey, keep it classy


  2. Yo that’s some shit. I don’t even have time to read through all the comments right not from yesterday but I read the post and damn. This car stuff is serious business I guess.

    Word with what Karlo said, keep it classy man.

  3. Nice follow up e-mail….definitely more “classy so to speak”

    First off, your blog is the shit…I check it daily(obviously), keep up the good work. Second, fuck thieves and vandals w/a hot iron dick, karma is a bitch and WILL come back to you.

    With that said, from the “outside looking in,” I will keep it 100 wit you, your story waaaas a little one sided homie. The whole build-up of the “certain individuals” then throwing those two into the category shortly after, while having an “excuse” for Ross each time something didn’t look good on his end. ALL of this is UNDERSTANDABLE though, that’s like your fam and when it comes to fam the gloves come off.

    EVERYONE who has ever dropped a car off somewhere knows what’s its like to hear that, “alright, I’ll have your shit done in two weeks(whatever time frame),” while you drop off that hard earned cash(for most of us) and go home and can’t WAIT to get your shit back! Shit, your there everyday with your car because you wanna see your car get done, that’s your pride and joy! You can’t really say “ay yo, can you hurry my shit up??” because 9 times outta 10 you got hooked up on the price!

    That’s the problem I have w/a lot of shops, they give you a good price on some shit and then they feel like you OWE THEM EVERYTHING, so they let your shit sit because a “big money” cat want his shit done asap and his money is longer than yours. Once again, understandable because you gotta get that money but BUSINESS is BUSINESS! Don’t promise something to me if you can’t get my shit done, don’t avoid me because you know I’m calling and you know you ain’t touched my shit. Yea, you hooked me up on the price, okay that means now my car ain’t shit?? Don’t hook people up if this is the type of business you run, PLEASE!

    I’m not referring directly to Ross’ shop with any of this, I’m sorry for the rant, hell I’m from New Jersey….I just recently got out of a fucked up situation with a shop and this kinda hit home. I can work on my car with the best of em’, I don’t doubt myself for anything, if you can do it I can do it, if I paid you to do it, I’m expecting you to do what I paid for, nothing more or less. I didn’t touch my vehicle when I stopped by the shop either because I didn’t wanna step on any toes, I personally think that gives off the “oh look at this dude over here, he mad I ain’t touched his shit so he thinks he’s gonna barge up in here to get this shit done himself in MY shop,” vibe. That’s your shop, you run it not me.

    Lastly, I have a damn mom EXACTLY like my man’s mom! LOL This lady goes yonkers if someone so lays a finger to my hair and I’m a grown man! You better believe when I was having bullshit issues with my car and the shop, she was ready to get on a plane from TEXAS to NEW JERSEY just to do work to these people! You can’t tell em’ shit, they love their kids and when people mess with their kids they MESS with people. NO, I didn’t let my mom come up here and NO, I didn’t give her the number but she begged me for it daily haha. Maybe that’s something a lot of you will understand as you get kids, if someone bumps my baby girl while I’m at the zoo, park, etc you have to peel me off of them, it’s a parent thing.
    I damn sure don’t understand what ole’ buddy and his chick were thinking by bringing up the brothers etc, hell what if Ross was feeling some kinda way after his chick was bombarded, disrespected and started shooting shit up for their own well being? You could’ve lost your mom and whoever else due to “self-defense,” and the court would’ve saw it that way…you gotta think about that.

    Stuff like this always happens, my shop is underway now and I WILL do my best to treat ALL MY CUSTOMERS equally no matter age, race, car, or how long their money stretches, that’s a promise. I mean no disrespect to Ross AT ALL and wish his business the best of luck, and the situation doesn’t EXACTLY pertain to everything I wrote here but you get the idea, you will bounce back, sorry for the car. On the other end, people(including myself), we need to be more proactive and hands-on in getting our shit done in this scene, we all love to point the finger every which way but to where it really needs to be, yourself…

    Keep up the great work fellas.

  4. That’s right joey! Keep it classy and never trashy. Uncivilized people now a days.

  5. Damn, the whole situation stinks. But yes, I hope people don’t think the previous blog was an open invitation to verbally or physically harm the 2 people in question.

    Situations like this are what keep me from hanging out at random shops or with random car clubs. Sometimes I’d like to meet new car enthusiasts to hang with, but there are too many small minded people out there for me to be bothered sometimes.

  6. keeping it classy, good job, i like how when ross deleted them off facebook it became the end of the world for them, haha

    btw good job on the AMS Blue Devil article for SS, really well written

  7. Its sad to see this type of shit happening, seems to be part of the game nowadays.

    Good luck to Midnight Garage, hope it all gets resolved.

  8. hey dude, shout out from the importers out here in cincinnati, i’m a long ways off and i’m glad to see you guys are handling it like men. few of my friends have been following this for awhile so please keep it up

    and as a black guy…WTF TNB?? seriously? damn… ha first time i’ve ever heard that

  9. All I know is that Scion’s are wack as hell. I used to want a tC back in the day, then I saw the Scion community develop into a retarded child with violent tendencies.

    • To “Strife”, I kinda resent this statement. I’ve got a pretty bad ass tC (well, I’d like to think I do, since Joey likes my tC, too & posted a pic of it from SpoCom, ha!). I keep my distance from the Scion community because of BS like this. I learned that the hard way, but a handful of us are pretty cool & laid back. I used to be one of those die hard Scion fanatics who jumped in peoples faces at the drop of the hat when they ran their mouths. But, I finally sat back & looked at the big picture & realized how much idiocy can be jam packed into one car branded scene. I literally associated myself with 300+ Scion owners, now I’ve only kept a handful of them around (literally, Ross being one of them). Now, we just BBQ & kick back with some red cups. 😉

  10. Are people actually this retarded?

  11. We need stickers that say “Who needs friends when you have Scion owners.”

  12. I think every community has shyt liek this.. This is exactly why i stay away from Honda-tech and B20vtec… b20vtec has taken it too far sometimes by actually vandalizing cars of owners who “talk-shyt” b20 is a New York Based Forum.

    this is why i stay away from all tuner communities… i just try to do my own thing

  13. “We’re all adults and we know better than to vandalize another man’s car out of anger or revenge. We know better than to bring our foul-mouthed mothers around to verbally assault people.”

    Loved this haha. But Honda-tech, like Joey said, people get in each other’s cyber faces and call it a day.

    Bringing your mom to yell and call someone a slut and ho is a different story, and vandalising the car? These people are straight up retarded and I don’t like using that word.

    I have a friend that’s black and I told him about the TNB thing and he just had a big WTF on his face.

  14. wow they are f***en tards -_-

  15. @ kay

    i’m a proud member of – great guys over there, so much information is too be had, there have been so many meets with only good outcomes that i could never say anything bad about it

    i can honestly say the import scene out here is ok at best, so i haven’t really had any problems cause we all tend to appreciate each others rides among the slew of f-bodies and ls1 swapped domestics out here. but which ironically have nothing against the tuners in cincinnati either, seems we are all around the same power numbers a lot of the time so nothing but respect.

    then again, i suppose its all about location

  16. “Honda guys, they don’t do so much scheming, they just talk shit to eachother on Honda-Tech and call it a day….haha.”

    This is the truth and the funniest thing I have read in a long time!

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