Oh man I miss this…

Oh Prelude skate ramp, how I missed you so…haha…Man I kinda miss making dumb shit like this now that I actually have stuff to show you guys and pics and what not…Anyway, just thought I’d throw that up again for old times sake…Got more SEMA shit for you guys in a couple hours…

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  1. the quarter ass end of that lude is legit as fuck – i’m not sure how i feel about the fenders though

  2. haha…yeah, when I started reading this blog, the posts everyday were like..dangerously funny. it was definitely not possible to drink milk and read this blog at the same time. Now it’s still really good, but instead of cool car stuff and ridiculously funny, its just pretty funny but the level of car stuff has stepped up. Whatever, no complaints from me.

  3. I’d say I’m definitely not sure about that whole lude in general

  4. Hahaha, I saw that thing at Import Faceoff here in Oklahoma! The body work was HORRIBLE, aside from the fact that the fenders were large enough to be used as a bench. And after making it like 10 inches wider, it still had bad fitment. What a shame…

  5. ahahaha, siiiiiiiiick!

  6. Damn, this was when your blog was started for not too long! Time flies!

    I remember those funnyass posts, you should bring that shit back!

  7. on a second look that actually is really fucking wide…. idk maybe for a second i was infatuated by the fact that it actually was a widebody lude – many have tried it, many have failed lol – i’ll have to keep on dreaming of it

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