Can’t help but be disappointed…

Man, a day or so before I was set to move, I noticed I had some problems with my computer but really didn’t think anything of it. When I moved in, I tried turning on my computer and it happened again but I managed to get it working again a couple hours later. Today, it completely took a shit and now does not work at all. Looks like I’m gonna need a new motherboard or something. I can’t help but be disappointed because this month is supposed to be a big one with the Top 10 Hondas of the year and what not. Alot of work goes into that list and I would have just liked to have been able to do it without issues. And my computer not working, is definitely a big issue. I’m using my sister’s G5 Mac right now and I’m sorry, I just can’t stand Macs and their layouts. Shit is more irritating then anything. What makes it worse is that the Panther operating system is no super outdated and I can’t even update to a browser that supports alot of the sites nowadays. Kinda whack….

I even went to the Norm Reeves Honda Show today and took pictures. I uploaded them and even started editing some of them and I come home from dinner and my computer doesn’t even work. Such a shame because the show was pretty cool. Small, but many high level builds there that represented. I wish I had more for you right now but I have to figure out a way to get some money so I can get a new motherboard for my computer. I’m gonna go tinker with it some more so that I can possibly get it working long enough to back up all my stuff on to my external HD. Hopefully the harddrive is okay and I didn’t lose anything. Man, it would be such a shame to lose all that stuff I’ve had over the years. Stupid computers.

For now, head over to The Chronicles Facebook page to see random ramblings and which homies took home awards from the Norm Reeves event. Wish me luck. Out.

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  1. Back that data up besides just on the 1 hard drive if its so important!

  2. make sure your power supply is ok before u go out and get a mobo.
    they die all the time.


  3. o0o0o0o that fuckin sucks. if ur comp doesnt turn on. it can be a number of things. but as far has ur hard drive. ur hard drive should b fine. trust. computer nerd here. well watever u replace ur hdd will still hook right up and power on. good luck bro.

  4. Hey Joey, heres a place in san diego that i get my laptops from…they are buisness leased laptops that arent the mass produced retails store kind….

  5. That really sucks to hear but I crack up everytime you say, “Well, my computer just took a big shit today…” lol still laughing!!!

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