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Man, this year’s Top 10 Hondas of 2009 is definitely gonna be a difficult one and I’m sure there will be a lot of talk about the picks and why or why they shouldn’t be on there. I’d like to thank everybody for the feedback so far and it has been very helpful to see what everyone else thinks. I’ve narrowed it down to about 15 cars at this point so 5 will obviously not make it but that shouldn’t discount their builds this year. It’s hard to figure out whose gonna go where but each and everyone one of them are deserving…For those of you who are not apart of The Chronicles on Facebook, this is the logo that I’m currently working on for this year’s list….

Gonna try to add some stuff here in there as well but I will be cutting these as stickers for the guys who are on the list this year and hopefully they rock them on their cars. Gotta order some special vinyl too. Not really don’t to just make them the chrome on black like the regular Chronicles stickers. Not a bad look right?

Anyways, I’ve had quite the busy weekend and I have some magazine work to finish up this week as well so that should be interesting. Also gonna touch up the logo and clean things up as well as a bunch of other things. Be on the look-out, I’ll get stuff up periodically throughout the week. Out.

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  1. Any special shirts for the winners? serial number on the sticker?

  2. you should still do a runners up for those who didnt make it but has potential

  3. Big Mike’s Prelude:

    So a couple of guys have already mentioned this bad ass car and even mentioned some of the Dramatic changes and modifications it’s gone through; changes of which happened in a short CRAZY Time Frame to say the least. But aside from thinking “out side of the box”, Big Mike’s rebuild (v2.0 haha) transcends just a rebuild. His changes and way of thinking have positively affect the Prelude Community in many ways.

    I’m not gonna talk about the prelude or his build, people have already done that…. instead, I’m gonna talk about the Man behind the wheel.

    We have seen a handful of preludes in the past that can deff hold their own against any Honda, but Big Mike set the bar So high that his prelude has literally been noticed across the world; not to many people can say that! I know this because I have been involved in the prelude community for over 10 years now & have been on or am a part of just about every prelude forum possible (you do this when searching for authentic Mugen sides haha). Forums ranging from the US, to Australia, to the UK, & even into Japan. And on just about all of these forums, Big Mike is Highly recognized as the most detailed prelude around.

    What I love about this big fella is that he’s so down to earth. I’ve seen some people in the past make it big, and that shit goes Straight to their head. Not Big Mike… he is ALWAYS willing to answer Any question you may have regardless of what it is. He doesn’t hide anything either, as most of us followed his build on this blog. It doesn’t matter what you ask him, he’ll tell you How he did it, What he used, Where he bought it, What’s the best solution & most importantly, Why he did it. He is always willing to give a hand in any way he can… either from ideas, suggestions, his personal opinions, etc, etc, etc. He’s even willing to offer his unsurpassed Prelude knowledge from engine specs to helping you identify rare prelude items we find along the way… although he still hasn’t told me what brand rear lip he has, that bastard haha!
    For this simple fact, is the reason why I am always willing to help him. I don’t know How many times this foo has hit me up asking me what’s the pitch to a screw, or whats the part# to a clip, or lil any BS haha!! But that’s how we are in the prelude community, always willing to help each other out. He even gave me some uber rare plastic rings to my GTU’s that i was missing, Just to complete my set… Who the Hell Does That?!?!?!

    He’s not here to prove that he has the Best Prelude around (or best honda for that matter), he’s here to speak on our behalf. He’s here to bring attention to the forgotten Honda Step Child, the Prelude. He’s here to remind everyone that the prelude isn’t just some Heavy ass Honda with no potential… if built correctly, it can easily be a master piece… as cheesy as that may sound.
    HE is our voice! When he hits the shows not only does he represent himself, he represents us… & does it Very well… not only through his prelude, but how he carries himself for the Prelude Community.

    Big Mike has even taken on the task of possibly being a Judge in the March 2011 South Central Prelude Meet (SCPM4) that will be held here in Houston, TX. It’s the fourth time this event has been held & will draw preludes from all over the southern central US. Preludes from San Antonio, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Arizona, even Florida & Cali. Even though he isn’t anywhere Near the southern central US, he’s willing to help. Now whether he’ll drive the lude down to Texas (like he’s considering) or fly, is still to be determined, but either way… homie’s contributing & he might bring some friends with him haha!

    So… aside from his insane Re-rebuild that has gotten recognition not only on prelude forums around the world, but on Domestic car sites as well (for his dope radiator tuck), THIS is why I feel Big Mike should have the top spot for 2009… because of what he contributes to the community… and most importantly, What He Stands For.

    I can go on… but I don’t think I have to.


    BB Nation… we are few.

  4. I really like the logo design, a good color would be black and blue! (just a thought)

  5. how about carbon fiber on the actual sticker like some of the option2 stickers

  6. Big Mike is the person to carry the prelude torch since Aries. I have been following the man since he owned the eg, the day he bought the prelude, and up until now. With Aries no where in site in the prelude community, Mike is an exemplar representative of the prelude as well as the Honda community. His ideals and ethics in regards to car-building and the community behind it are shared by many enthusiasts he has inspired. We are grateful to not only have him able to represent our community but also how he has given face to the often “forgotten” platform.

  7. ^ ^ ^ well said homie!!


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