Puttin in work…

Man, I’m actually pretty busy right now trying to finish up some mag work right now so expect to see an update later today. Meanwhile, since you’re already here, check out the Iron Man 2 trailer. I’m not advertising or anything, I just love comics and can’t wait to see the sequel…It’s also Honda related. I’m not gonna confirm facts or anything, because I don’t run that kind of operation here…but Don Cheadle’s third cousins friend who also likes Iron Man probably drives a Honda…Yup, I’m just saying. Honda is like the Kevin Bacon of cars, someone knows someone who knows someone who drives a Honda. Some six degrees of separation shit…It’s highly possible.

And if you’re wondering, yes..I didn’t have time to update, but I managed to make this awesome gif image…I like Iron Man okay? If I could drive Iron Man around and floss him, I would. And this site would be called “The Chronicles…an Iron Man blog”, and I would just talk about Iron Man all day and why people shouldn’t be rocking fake Iron Mans. Or some shit, just watch the trailer already…Yes, there would be a Big Mike Edition Iron Man and I probably would have covered the build-up for it. And there would also be a Status Sean Iron Man build but he’d be too busy to ever send me any updates on it. And his Iron Man would have been powdercoated khaki color all the way around, do I really need to go on or are you gonna watch the trailer already?…

Iron Man 2 Trailer

Awesome right?

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  1. http://www.iputinwork.com/?paged=6 check out the last post on that page… How ironic that your title says putting in work… and the fact that ironic has the word iron in it and your random update has to do with Iron Man??????

  2. Hell yea can’t wait for war machine!

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