It’s a Christmas Party…wooo…

Damn, finally found time to put up the holiday decorations, hope you guys like it….All the major players and oddball characters of the year are partying it up. Can anyone name them all?…

I’m working on a year in retrospective post but ran out of time cuz I was too busy decorating…be back later, you know how it goes…

Gotta get into the festivities with a nice little Christmas song too….Enjoy!

“One more carrot chew!!!…bay buh all I want for christmas is EWWW!!”

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  1. damn william hung Jr

  2. lol William Hung has new competition.

  3. I know what would be a good idea! lanyards you know like for keys and stuff

  4. This guy’s hand movements are hilarious lmao. Merry Christmas

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