It only cost $83 to be a poser…free shipping!

Not much really going on this week, I’m actually busy catching up on all the orders from the store and with Valentines Day and Chinese New Year this weekend, I’m pretty much booked. All the orders for the Wek’Fest Edition stickers will get to you guys who ordered them on time, so don’t worry about that one…

I was working on the RotaMaster EMO logo earlier today and that will be available soon in the storefront as well. I was searching for more pics of the original EVO logo to ensure that my version is close to that one and I stumbled upon this EBay auction with a guy from the Phillipines that is selling sets of replica decals for fake wheels. They actually look pretty real too but anybody that has looked at the real version will spot the obvious differences right away. They even have the JAWA Approval sticker and all the stickers for the inside of the wheel. Fake funkers are really getting detailed these days, it’s crazy…The description he has for the auction is even funnier. Here are teh 4 reasons why he thinks you should get these for your fake wheels…




4. GET YOU NOTICED. (Hopefully by the chicks : )

Wow…..1. You won’t stand out from the pack because you want the look of the real thing that everyone has…2. You just paid $83 to look like the real deal….3. This is exactly why you should buy these, you know, for that Tuned Euro look….and 4. You’ll get noticed alright, and people will fucking laugh at you for rocking some fake ass shit with some fake ass stickers and trying to front like they’re real…and chicks will laugh too.

Shit is getting serious nowadays…Cost you that much to fake the funk, you might as well save up and get the real thing, haha… What’s even crazier is that this EBay spot has quite the logo operation going on. They even have fake TE37 Gravel stickers! And not to mention the fake Gab, Volk/Rays, and even the SEIBON EDITION stickers! People don’t even have REAL TE37 Gravels! Haha, the fuck are you trying to fool? Funniest thing about the listing is the part where they put “photos in low resolution for our protection”. Yeah, we wouldn’t want anyone else to steal your idea and make counterfeit stickers that you already worked so hard to counterfeit….

Buy up kids, and make sure to floss that shit super hard….Can’t wait to see them!!

Here’s the listing for the counterfeit RegaMaster EVO stickers… and if you guys wanna see the other stuff they got, make sure to click on the seller’s other items…=P

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  1. Seibon Edition stickers…?? LMAO/ROFL…

  2. That’s the Philippines for ya. Heading there next month, maybe I can do some snooping around. lol

  3. Dude I swear to God when I went back to the Philippines to visit the homeland , every single damn person with “legit” rims are wannabe’s. They’re trying har dot make it look legit , but oh snap what is this? A Rota marking? ha. Not a single person has legit rims.

  4. hahah herbel shampoo and regamaster evo replica stickers…what a combo!

  5. Its ridiculous that they try so hard to make their fake crap look legit. If you don’t have enough money, just stay OEM, don’t support fake shit! Imagine a world where legit companies go out of business and they start to fake OEM wheels. wtf will happen then 🙁

  6. It makes me rage to see how big the fake industry is getting. If you don’t have the cash flow to front for the real deal, save up and then get them. Who decided that building cars was a fucking race anyway? In Australia where I am from, the amount of fake wheels is scary, as we don’t have the distributors like all the other countries, so everyone just rocks fake shit.

  7. Someone sells the exact same things on NWP.

  8. whatever the US or whatever country makes, the PI fakes..hahaha..gotta love my peoples though..

  9. let me find out who this little prick is and imma report back to you haha

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