Ah man, I know there hasn’t really been much to update lately. Mainly because it’s the beginning of the year and well, everyone on this half of the coast is going nuts in anticipation for the 2010 Wek’Fest event. It’s crazy to think that most of us just hang out now and all we can talk about is how anxious we are to go to Norcal. Not only is it coming up soon but my birthday is that week as well along with Big Mike and Jeremy’s. It’s gonna be fun just to be able to get away and explore San Francisco and see good friends as well as meet new faces. All is well and everyone looks to be heading in the right direction as far as getting their cars prepared.

Besides that though, there is actual Honda news from the rest of the world. I know it’s hard to believe but occassionally, on this Honda-dedicated site, there is actual Honda content, haha…And though this is a Honda site, I actually had to find these pics from a non-Honda guy, Jon Sibal. He’s someone who I respect very much for what he does for a living as well as his view on all things automotive so be sure to check out his site.

First thing I got for you is the first pictures of the HSV-010 GT (aka the next generation NSX that will never see production) in action with completed graphics/livery schemes. You have probably all seen the HSX GT in it’s flat black form but these pics will give you guys a good idea of what they will look like when Super GT officially begins…

I don’t know how I feel about them because the car looked so menacing in black and the colored versions almost look fake. I gotta say though, it’s amazing to see this piece of machinery in action and an even greater feeling to hear this thing roar. Check out the video at the bottom. Shit sounds like an F1 car….I would use references like “oh I just came” or “oh I just shit my pants” but I’ d. You know what makes me shit my pants? Uhh…like a fucking gallon of chili. I don’t know, just watch the video, soil yourself if you must…Oh and thank god for HD Youtube, I’m tired of watching car videos on there and that shit looking like that Tony Stewart Off-Road arcade game…You know, that game from the early 90s with 4 big ass steering wheels and the trucks in the game are the size of a pubic hair? Yah that one….nitro booost!!!….

By the way, there aren’t pics of it but watch the video and catch that Raybrig HSV….goodness…shit is mean!!!

Remember to watch this in 720P!!…

Oh and I also saw these images on his site of the 2010 BTCC Honda Civic… I just can’t help but wonder how North America would have reacted if this car had made it’s way to our shores. It’s definitely an interesting looking car. With all the new Subaru Imprezas on the road and everyone fascinated with oddball looking cars, I would imagine these would do quite well over here. Great job of hiding that rear door handle too, good design….

Pretty interesting right?…

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  1. agreed man, the Euro Civic wouldve been much better than the FA/FD that we got. i saw a bunch in Ireland and thought it looked [Dr. Who] fantastic! [/Dr. Who]

  2. Nice video, glad to see Honda back on the track for this years JGTC!

    The BTCC Civic isnt a Type R by the way, thats why its a four door.

  3. Id rather have our Civic, those came with a torsion beam rear suspension. Still looks cool though.

  4. the new nsx sounds soo nice. also got my hellasunk stickers today, haha, thanks man.

  5. please honda make a production model, do want!!

  6. Are there high res. versions of these pics anywhere?

  7. The euro FN civic type R is not a patch on the old EP3 version or the JDM FD typeR. It has rear torsion beam suspension increased weight and a minimal HP increase.

    The body shell looks like it had 2 different designers working on the front and the back who didn’t speak to each other until they came to put the two together resulting in an awkward looking final product.

    Just horrid…………..

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