OG Chronicles Stickers back in stock!…

You read correctly…the original Chronicles stickers are now back in stock. Shits been selling like hot cakes. Grab them now… Oh and if you guys pick up a Wek’Fest Edition sticker, you will have priority and I will make sure you guys get those before Wek’Fest… Thanks for the support guys! New stuff coming soon as well…..

Purchase them now!!

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  1. HAHAHAH I saw the tiny preview of this pic on facebook and I was like “OH SHIT!! That’s my pic!!” Thanks Joey! 😀

  2. That’s my boy Jonathan’s car. Aka Integraslut78

  3. hey joey i ordered an og sticker to rep on my newly purchased s2k. 🙂
    its been about 7 days, how long does it usually take to ship? thanks alot!

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