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I’ve decided to take a bit of a break from the Wek’Fest coverage. Going through so manypictures at once has really drained my vision and made it far worse than it already is. With that said, I’m actually gonna go out to the Island Motorsports meet. I’m going because Ross from Midnight Garage and I will have the main booth spot in the center of the meet. So make sure to come chill if you’re interested in picking up some Chronicles merchandise. We will also have some of the Phaze2 cars on display as well as my boy Billy’s IS300. It should be a good time. I’ve gotten ridiculously busy this past couple months and haven’t even had time to go to meets so it’ll be nice to get out to one of these to see what’s new with everyone. That and Island Motorsports isn’t that far from Midnight Garage which also means that it’s not too far from my place. Ahhh I remember the first time I bought something from Island, it seems like just yesterday when I was at an Import Showoff event in Del Mar, San Diego. I bought this device that made my turn signals extra fucking fast. That was the hot thing to do back then, especially when you had no money. Apparently the faster your blinkers were the sicker your car was and the more attention you would get from the ladies. Needless to say, the fucking thing didn’t work because I was a complete fuck-up at the time and had no idea how to wire it up. It certainly didn’t make my blinkers faster so much as make them completely NOT work at all. I had to go to the dealership with my dad and we had to replace the relay…ah fond memories. The thing I bought from Island started smelling alot like burnt up plastic too. I’m sure it would have worked, but on that day, 10 years ago…my blinkers did not flash super fast.

Alright, storytime over. Let’s go to the meet and have fun, blink our turn signals really fast…yah, kids these days have bike racks and tow hook charms and shit. Fuck all that, make your turn signals fast. Really fucking fast. Fast like a fucking Fox….Island Motorsports.

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  1. i know this is an old post, but ive been catching up & when i read about the fast blinkers, i had to comment since i still have my fast blinkers. Fast blinkers & fast hazards…HAHA. they even almost caused me to fail my brake & lamp inspection like 6 years ago, but dude let me slide.

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