The Chronicles Ver. 2 T-shirts are now available!!…Store also re-opened…

Shirts are now officiall available inside the official Chronicles storefront. The store has also been re-opened and all stickers are now available once again. That means for you guys that ordered shirts awhile back will finally get your shirts. As for the stickers, all orders have been packaged and will go out this week. If you guys placed orders and haven’t received them yet, then you should be receiving them shortly I closed up shop last weekend just so I could catch up on everything and we’re good to go now. International orders are going out this week as well so expect those to come in soon… Make sure to check the store out and grab the goods while they’re available. If biggers guys want shirts, I’ll be making a batch of bigger ones if the demand is high for them. Otherwise the current sizes I have are small, medium, large, and extra large.  They come in either black or white (as pictured) and the back of the shirts have the “STICKYDILJOE.COM” printed. Thanks for all the support guys, it means a lot!!

New HellaSUNK stickers coming soon as well. Also gonna cut a few Rotamaster EMO stickers for you guys that actually wanna buy that shit haha….

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  1. I was wondering if I could send you money order?

  2. Printed on AAA t-shirts, nice, I gotta place an order.

  3. i want to order but need size xxl.

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