Your 15 minutes are up…

Ahhh, it’s funny when people get caught up. I was gonna drop this issue already because a few ignorant comments are really relevant when you look at the picture, but this…I’m sorry I just had to do it….

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“SolFreshKrew” comes in to save the day…yes, surely we all hope that this East vs. West debate ends one day, “perhaps when everyone matures a little more”…

To further their attempts to squash “the beef”, user “ddipre11” from “SolFreshKrew” even posted on their own personal blog reiterating that “It’s surely not an East vs. West thing”. Reza quotes and responds…

and then click here…

Ah, it’s good to see guys out there who are so forward thinking and try to make their point without sarcasm or malice….beers for all I tell you, beers for all!!…

and then you gotta click here…

Wait! What’s this? Hypocrisy?

Way to represent guys, none of it was about East/West until you guys made it that way. It’s a little self-righteous and self-serving to light the match and then try to put out the fire. You do know that there is such thing as IP logging right?


Good game. See you at IA 2010…

One more thing, we have nothing against the east. There hasn’t been anything said that would show otherwise. That’s the whole point of us coming out, we want to see the builds out there. We just want to be able to share the hobby with one another. If you have something to say, say it, don’t say some dumb shit and try to act like you didn’t.

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  1. Lol wut. Owned.

  2. Some people just know how to get there vigina wet. *sigh* Drama drama drama. People need to grow the hell up.

  3. Called out! Ha!

    The East Coast scene is smaller but they make up for it with dedication. This dedication leads to a strong sense of pride. Unfortunately, pride goes too far sometimes (especially in this case) and makes a fool of someone.

  4. LOL!!

  5. The IP address posted is a cell address, that means that person and anyone using a cellphone that accesses the same proxy servers can share that same address.

    Keep up the detective work, your cockjockeys will believe it either way.

    • Must have been quite a coincidence then…

      • So we both use a Verizon’s phone in the Bronx, I’m not hiding from anything. I don’t throw rocks and hide my hand. There is no call out, because I’m saying what I have been all along, on the East we take pride in driving our cars.

        We have pride, cars & pride go hand in hand. You guys have pride too. It shows. When we’re all in one place, people will see that even as different views held by different coasts, the mission statement is the same.

        Put your life into what you love, don’t be afraid to show your pride, and represent who you are and where you’re from. Regardless of what coast you’re on.

  6. I never claimed to not know who did it. Hence me saying I’d buy the person a beer. If someone I know did post that, that’s their opinion. So be it, we are still living in a Democratic society where we’re allowed to express our opinions right?

    If I had something to say, I said it all in my post and I would say it to your face, or anyone else for that matter. Not on some beefing shit, on some, this is my opinion and it is what it is.

    Nothing said by El oh El was untrue, it may not have been congruent to all of the many fans of this blog, but people responded out of anger, anger caused by truth…guess the truth hurts after all.

    Enough of the back and forth, my 15minutes are up, besides I need to get back to doing something I enjoy and that’s risking my shitbox while I DRIVE it. Take care “Sticky” & fans.

    • So nothing said by the guy was untrue? Haha…So you guys have statistics that show that “8 out of 10 cars are being rolled off of trailers” at “meets”? Man, that’s a lot of trailers. Shoot me over the stat sheet when you have the time. I didn’t know they documented that kind of thing but you know better than I do. If that was the case, then at the annual Eibach meet, there must have been close to 500 trailers parked outside….amazing stuff.

      You talk about stating opinions and then you talk about “truths”. Interesting. I had no idea that opinions were facts.

      • OK since you want to continue arguing about minute details, you tell me how many trailers are found at a west coast meet.

        I’ll tell you how many are found at an East Coast meet: 0.

        Perhaps the person who held such comment “El oh El” has been to Eibach, or something where they got that grounds for such a statement. I have a few friends, who are from the nearby area who flew to Eibach last year, so any of them could’ve made that comment.

        Fact of the matter is, you guys have this great weather claim to fame, the West has pretty much year round driving weather. We do not, so in those 6-9 months, we pride ourselves in driving our cars.

        It obviously is a hot topic, has a lot of traffic flowing to either of our blogs, so that’s cool. Hopefully everyone keeps a level head & an open mind, because east coast west coast beef is gay.

      • So you never claimed to not know who said it (meaning you probably know who said it?), but you have friends from nearby that went to Eibach last year and counted trailers who also use the same internet proxy in the bronx and any of them could’ve made the comment (meaning you probably don’t know who said it?). Man, this is getting inconsistent. I think we’re fine at leaving this at the other comment you left. I’m good with that one.

      • Haha before you Billy badass call me out I am Luis/solfreshkrew. Just so you know I am the same person.

        Anywho, what does it matter if I know who posted it? People I know don’t check with me before they post. So honestly I don’t know, I have a clue, a hunch, whatever you’d like to call it. It doesn’t bother me enough to call and ask, I laughed knowing that whoever did it, did it primarily to cause a stir. Amping people up for the beautiful events that we have this summer, and to motivate you guys to come out regardless of your means of transport.

        It seems like that person succeeded on both of those counts, that is of course, if that was their intention. Take a step back from all this, and laugh when you see that no beef was caused, just a stir from both sides of the nation and yet more anxiety for this years importalliance.

        I see it. Do you? 🙂


  8. what the fuck is a sol fresh?

  9. WOW I did not see that coming, ha.

  10. lets just leave EVERYTHING alone, lets drop it and will see you guys in a couple months :)!!!!

  11. fuck all this b.s. dood, i say you guys just trek up here to the great white north. we may not have anywhere near the caliber of IA or eibach, but we’ll atleast get you drunk enough that you won’t know where the fuck you are.