…And it doesn’t end there…

On the heels of all this discussion of fake ASR subframe braces comes this notice from Skunk2 about their latest ordeal with counterfeits. Apparently now there are fake Skunk2 Pro Series intake manifolds floating around. This shit is getting ridiculous! Seriously, just shows how there are too many profiteers and scavengers in this industry. Not only do you have to worry about fake suspension pieces, now you have to be on the look-out for fake intake manifolds. Walbro even has to deal with fake fuel pumps floating around on Ebay. The good thing is that companies are spotting these right away and are posting notices that reflect what the differences are between the geniune item and the knock-offs. Read all about it in the link below. Be on the look out people, don’t get con’d into buying some bullshit fake product! I’ve seen some linkbacks to other forums where people are saying “who cares? anybody can CNC and produce those (ASR) subframe braces”. That’s not the fucking point. The point is that they’re trying to pass them off as the real deal and it compromises the integrity of their name and their product. I don’t even know why I have to explain it to these guys…

Skunk2 Racing Pro Series Intake Manifold Clones…

The fuck is the world coming to?!!

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  1. jesus what next, knock off wheels?

    oh wait….

  2. Right. It’s bad enough when a product gets knocked off under a different name/company – but when you try to pass an inferior product off as an established brand – that’s f*cked up!

  3. What the fuck?! Whoever said “who cares” can watch a porn of their mom and dad making a sex tape at the lake and calling it the “Pamela and Tommy Lee Sex Tape”. That’s how I feel about this. Its one thing for dude knowingly to rock fake shit, but its another thing for people that actually want to spend decent amount of money to get the real shit and they get fucked by posers. Brought this to a whole other level when copying instrumental parts to true tuners.

  4. That sucks now you have to be on the look out for anything.

  5. Not surprised here, Fake seats, Fake Rims, fake lights, fake everything lol. I won’t trust the net these days at all to buy any of my pieces if I don’t know who’s on the other side.

  6. can you blog on euroline SL’s now lol

  7. Seems like all you can do is buy from the manufacturer themselves or just keep it with reputable shops that are authorized vendors.
    Also if the price makes it too good to be true than it most likely is. Oh and the people that say who cares are the same ones that heat their springs and say they have a custom suspension from a JDM manufacturer. Yeah you a-holes know who you are.

  8. This just pissed me off so bad

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