Bye Socal…

Sorry guys, been terribly busy lately…Like the type of busy where I get less sleep then I usually do already. Just a lot of work to catch up on for both mags before I leave Socal for a mini vacation. I’m heading to the Big Apple for the rest of the week to go over there and look at all the daily driven race cars that all deserve features (joking). Haha…in all seriousness though, I got nothing but love for the east and I’m pretty excited about going over there and hitting up all the landmarks that New York has to offer.

Just a few quick things before I head out. I’ll be around because I’m pretty sure I’ll have access to the web but not entirely sure how much time I’ll have to devote to it…

All orders that have been placed within the past week will go out when I get back the beginning of next week. I’ve just been busy and trying to be up with everything. Thanks to all of you who continue to support the site everyday. I will definitely have your orders out to you as soon as possible…

The whole NSX signed hood ordeal is dun-dada…as in, that shit is done and off the car now. Tony was approved for his Seibon sponsorship and his new hood came in. Originally we were gonna repaint the hood and color-match it but the raw look of the carbon on all that red looks very nice. That and it’s a sponsorship and I’m not exactly sure how happy Seibon would be if Tony just had that hood painted…haha….definitely looks good though. I’m sure this statement would have been much more valid had I taken a picture of it, but of course, I’m retarded and failed to have my camera with me every time I dropped by the shop…

Ummm…oh I spent the day with Big Mike while I was shooting a car this week. Things are looking good for the Prelude and it should begin it’s life as an actual, drivable car this week. We figured out what the issue was with the AEM EMS and something with the AEM twin fire ignition. When I say “we” I mean Big Mike and Bisimoto of course. I didn’t do shit. I basically just stood there and listened to Big Mike tell me about it, but “yay” I feel important. It’s getting tuned as I type this actually and we have our fingers crossed on what the actual numbers will be from the Dynapack 4000. I don’t exactly know what type of numbers Big Mike is expecting because the set-up is pretty much unheard of with the Kinslers and the eight injectors so it’ll be interesting when I get that text from him regarding the numbers…

Before I go, I gotta let you guys know that there is the Fatlace ONE/ONE Showcase this weekend in Long Beach. Fatlace recently took over the car show side of Formula D and they have a nice little Car Builders Showcase that is going on. All the homies should be out there so if you guys want to see some nice cars and some of the usual favorites, make sure to head out there. It’s the first of it’s kind so it should be interesting to see how Fatlace does car shows. Mark and the guys have been so successful with everything else they’ve got their hands on so it should be good. I unfortunately will not be there because  I will be away but it just so happened to fall on the same week as my vacation. They got drifting, probably some girls, and definitely nice cars. How do I know? Because Mikeyyyy and I helped gather a big lot of the best cars from Socal for the show. Mark is a good dude and we wanted to make sure that we could help make this show a success. Support the industry and support Fatlace and their ONE/ONE showcase series…

That’s about it, I’m heading out to do some non-car related life stuff for the rest of the week. It’s nice to step away for a little bit and is a much needed break. Check back, I’ll try to come on and tell you random stories of my adventures in New York if time permits. I’m out for now people, thanks for everything…. Buy magazines, read them, check out the Chronicles store and purchase some goodies…both would help support my ass. I need it, haha… PEACE.

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  1. Just a correction but Fatlace One/One Showcase will be at Long Beach

  2. Joey have a safe trip the the NY bro! And take some dope landmark pics! i hella miss the East

  3. With all the shit talking you’ve done on counterfeit products, why the Seibon sponsorship? The only reason Seibon is here today is from knocking off parts.

  4. hey im sitting right next to you on the plane and watching mtv while you watch espn!!! awesome..thanks for my 2 dollar headphones!!

  5. yo Joey, since your gonna be at NY. i suggest u give New York Hot Dog & Coffee a visit. Theyr’e food there is the to die for! Theyr’e bulgogi burger is fucking awesomO!

  6. Bro hit up carnagie! best pastrami!!

  7. Greetings from Canada,

    Love the work, I visit your blog daily.
    Keep up it up.

    Btw is it possible to get a high res of this pic ?

    Chris V.

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