San Francisco Japan Town Cherry Blossom Festival Car Show…

Good lord, that’s a long ass title for a car show…hope that isn’t posted on a flyer or something somewhere. Anyways, I wasn’t actually there but the JSJ Brothers guys always come through on the event coverage for all things Norcal. Peep the album, there are some pretty crazy cars that showed up. Only events like these have Civics and other Hondas mixed with Bimmers and Lamborghinis…shits crazy…

That black RSX with the neo-chrome finish supercharger and valve cover is bananas!!

Check out their coverage here…

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  1. the valve cover & supercharger pic was my desktop for about 10 seconds until I scrolled down to the ek, know any #’s for it? hp, torque, or track? thanks for giving me something to look at

  2. Haha, thanks. The EK is mine. I don’t have any numbers yet, but it is a stock 98 Spec JDM ITR motor, with I/H/E. It is currently on the stock ECU, but I do have plans to get it tuned with an AEM EMS. The car was built for the track, and will see tracktime soon, hopefully within the next couple of months, as there are a few things I still need to dial in..

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