New Limited Edition Chronicles Stickers Available For Pre-Order Now!…

The red chrome is on order and should be in within days now. I want to make sure that everyone gets them and that I haven plenty of time to cut and ship them so I will be taking orders on them now. I may have quite a bit of actual work leading up to Eibach 2010 and taking the orders now will give me some time to adjust to demand. They will be similar to the traditional OG Chronicles stickers that you’re all used to but they will have a red chrome backing instead of the regular chrome. The Wek’Fest ones did amazing and even though I still get some requests for them, I won’t cut them anymore because they were only limited to that time period and made specifically for that show. This will be no different. After May16th, the Chronicles stickers in this particular color and finish will not be available anymore. Red chrome ain’t actually cheap either so I have no hesitation in not making them after the event, haha…Anyways, grab them now before it’s too late. First come, first serve people…you know the routine.  Thanks for the support!!!

Rendering of what it will look like…

Click here to go to the official Chronicles storefront…

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  1. These look to be like they’re going to be SICK!

  2. Hmmmm these look way sick! I live in FL so NO Eibach for me…But I’ll definitely make it out there sometime in the future. In the meantime…these bad boys on my back window will do for now

  3. I wish I could make it to eibach. Maybe next year.

  4. they look very cool, i tried to get a wekfest one at the show and the guy said he didnt know where they were. 🙁

  5. I like this style, I need to get around to putting in an order. Also thought I would share this image with you that I snapped at WEKFEST.

  6. Can’t wait to put this on my red s2k.

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