Eibach 2010 Limited Edition Chronicles stickers coming real soon!…

Just another quick update….I went outside today and at my front door was the red mirror chrome that I’ve been waiting to come in. The material looks awesome and cutting of the Eibach Edition Chronicles stickers will begin this weekend. If you haven’t got your’s yet make sure to grab them now, it’s all first come first serve basis like the Wek’Fest Edition ones and when they’re gone, they’re gone! Go to the store now if you’re interested in picking some up!!

Don’t mind the Kimbo sticker on the bottom, haha….

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  1. Damn whats good with the Kimbo sticker?? I want one.

  2. Yooooo…what’s up with that Kimbo! rotflll….You should make that one. With “the chronicles” at the bottom. Good stuff xD

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